International Conference 2019

Stigmatisation of Migrants Conference 2019

Short description of Project’s Results

With our ICE 2 conference on the ‘Stigmatization of Migrants’ the Twilight Community Group delivered very encouraging results. Representatives from all corners of the globe and from all sections of society returned to their homes enthused and reinvigorated. The commitment of delegates, in the face of extreme prejudice, to continue striving for human rights and for social justice, permeated the conference. Unanimous votes, following intense debate, decided, participants would pursue and highlight untruths, lobby national and international politicians, join organisations and groups that seriously tackle the scourge of racism, support the disenfranchised, promote dignity. actively campaign for social inclusion, justice and human rights. Delegates decided to meet on an ad hoc basic to pursue common goals. Individually and collectively the conference agreed to be forthright and unafraid in the pursuit human rights, dignity, democracy, equality and freedom as enshrined in Article 2 of the Treaty of European Union (TEU) values.

Impact and Citizens Involvement  The Twilight conference on the ‘Stigmatization of Migrants’ proved to be an outstanding success. Delegates representing distinct cultures and ethnic groups attended and actively contributed, as speakers, or at times, participated in debates. This interaction brought diversity to the day and gave credence to the overall proceedings.  Included were people from Poland, France, Morocco, Bangladesh, South Sudan, Uganda, Congo, Romania, and Ireland. Also, in attendance were members of this grouping’s large diaspora. This confluence of nationalities, culture and language was integral to the integrity of the conference and allowed scrupulous debate to be relevant and progressive. During times of extracurricular activities friendships were made or renewed, contacts were initiated, and activists for inclusion and social justice, strengthened common bonds. This spiritual embracing of the committed thinkers attending the conference, encouraged the continuation of challenging positions to help combat the right wing reactionary political and social influences sweeping across Europe, and indeed, the world.  To protest xenophobia and to oppose the demagogues who propound these insidious doctrines was central to the ethos endemic within the spirit of the participants.

  Passionate, knowledgeable speakers delivered opinions with forthright vigour and thus enthused an expectant auditorium. All delegates expressed great excitement at the guided direction of the event. It was noticeable, and vindicated by feedback, that participants were invigorated and reenergised by the proceedings. Utilising recognised national and international representatives gave gravitas to the conference and validated Twilight’s aspirations to proactively challenge derogatory pronouncements and uncaring attitudes. Moving accounts of life stories enhanced the significant impact on the gathering. Emotions swelled, tears abounded, anger reverberated, commitment increased, sinews hardened, as the rostrum delivered harrowing tales of inhumanity. That this was taking place in the 21st century was cause for much incredulity. A supposedly erudite and intelligent generation was forensically examined, and many found to be anachronistic troglodytes. Yet, the abiding memory of this conference was the positivity generated by successive speakers, who while acknowledging the racism and discrimination present in society, nonetheless managed to inspire and enthuse.  The conference concluded with participants more aware of personal responsibilities and with the delegates feeling a sense renewal and empowerment, for the struggle ahead.

Direct Testimonies from participants

“I really appreciate the opportunity you provided in allowing me to speak on behalf of all those who are subjected to the harsh realities of Direct Provision. Please continue the good work. Twilight is an inspiration to us all” k

Samantha Ncube: Direct Provision

“It was an honour to attend and thanks to Twilight for all your hard work and hospitality, Congratulation on a very professional and successful event and special thanks for helping to make a difference”

Daniela Kosic Fitzgerald: HR Consultant & Romanian Advocate

“I was delighted to address such a large and knowledgeable gathering at your wonderful conference in Kilkenny. It was great to meet old friends and to make new allies who are willing to join the ongoing work promoting social justice. Well done Twilight!”

Stephanie Mc Dermott: Carlow College

“It was great to attend the conference and even better to leave with a series of insights into the emerging reality, if some of the people involved are not to succumb to a host of vulnerabilities which requires active management. There is much that can be achieved by putting the person at the centre of the process and this can be strengthened by a cross – departmental and a multi- agency approach”

Pat Daly: GAA Research & Development

“Thanks to Twilight for hosting another excellent conference and for shining a glaring light on the plight of immigrants and migrants. You are to be applauded for your efforts and be assured that the FAI will continue to support your activities on behalf of all minorities”

Des Tomlinson: Integration Officer FAI

“International communities working together across national boundaries is the way to progress the obstacles facing the EU. On behalf of Poland, I am proud to work alongside Twilight, in a spirit of cooperation and friendship, to develop a humanitarian solution, to present difficulties”.

 H.E. Ms Anna Sochanska: Polish Ambassador 

“Malbork is very happy to be twinned with Kilkenny and to share in communal activities. We admire the work of the Twilight group in helping our people here in Poland and those living and working in your wonderful city. Each year your conference gets better”

Marta Wroblewska: Malbork Council, Poland

The Twilight conference in the Club House Hotel was a great success. You deserve praise for its broad concepts and its excellent delivery. I was happy to give an account of Morocco’s work supporting migrants and asylum seekers. I enjoyed working, once more, with Twilight. We hope you will visit Morocco in March to deliver your Social Inclusion programme” 

H.E. Mr Larchen Mahraoui: Ambassador Moro[0]=68.ARB2ECHS9rHmOOu0keDwpfEiFaRVGo_y69j2ZuksP3Wn5oOxehYxKu0UYSD1KquFnqnYYUMZpkpA8jOxEM6DGq1WRory7SrNZzJDGbJZPbEko–hezz9mm6cgG7cKRKjNLZLis-04EK-HRRmDfVk4F0M1YhAVIctd0pZ2DOCAyQ4ZWubNTGVsJoTUucM4jlfxarm9F41VnJr6UHfaxVbsIGbVMLBFVogY1ieQa2pPyDbifMOSEYj1cpk4krU1UtTlYkP-BAa6IV6jUGAraqKY8dB6wNXi_WX7vDdDsrtqVzI3DsbrLQ95rz5Cmez9DjZpCaBrFu8W3wSB4LlizI6pZe7MY33aOXjYge1EUbh1t1Utjq4FC_Qx77sND-6EmeNnBJrW8baaEsOsBA0B-N7XRKw5BQZ3ChOy_llSBzW6GeXlDImnpbn2QA0Hsn9uZPbYQ1EqV5dzWQnpp2i0ymizJSXACXb7KyzE2f9rWArOrnYsX3UtWXdUgcco

“Thanks for the invite. Brilliant day. Well done”

Cllr Malcom Noonan: Kilkenny County Council

“As part of my remit I attend many formal and informal occasions, but I must say that the Twilight conference was far superior to anything I have experienced to date. Powerful speakers, a knowledgeable attendance and enthralling debate, combined to excite. Your success can be judged by the fact that the two ambassadors remained until the conclusion of the day. I think that this venue was ideal, but from all the positive feedback, I don’t think it would be big enough to host next year’s conference”

Community Garda Andy Neill: Kilkenny

Minister John Paul Phelan asks be to pass on his sincere appreciation of your invitation and to say how much he enjoyed the experience of speaking at the Twilight conference

Private Secretary to Minister

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