Twilight Youth Inclusion Groups first trip of the new year!

Twilight Youth Inclusion Groups first trip of the new year!

Twilight Youth Inclusion Group took a trip to Kbowl Kilkenny last week and enjoyed an hour of bowling and time in the arcades. Their competitive sides came out to play and they showed off some of their real skills. And of course you have got to have some popcorn and sweets to really enjoy a trip to Kbowl! Big thank you to their two youth leaders Liam Mungovan and Leah McDonnell for organising this trip and an especially big thank you to Kbowl Kilkenny for having us! We will definitely be back

Fun activities are planned each week, whether its a trip, an interactive workshops or just some fun games. Last week allowed some of our more artistic youths to showcase their talents in some Art Therapy. Art Therapy is a creative outlet for young people. It supports youth with developmental, behavioural and emotional issues by providing a safe and creative space for them to explore their thoughts and feelings through art. Art can have a positive effect on the mind as it allows you to process your feelings without the fear of being judged. Our members of Twilight Youth Inclusion Group were tasked with drawing  a tree that they felt represents them and their feelings. After Art Therapy, they had time to unwind and chill out with friends. They enjoyed some pool and card games. It is great to see how excited our youths are each week coming to club. They get to have fun and laugh and spend time with friends they only see each Saturday.

We are currently expanding our space, with the development of a brand new fully equipped games room. In the coming months, we will also be expanding by putting in a state of the art ‘quiet room’, which will be used by our youths as a safe space they can use when they feel overwhelmed or just need a break!

Written by Liam Mungovan

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