Spring Forward to Easter!

With Spring just around the corner, and over the next few weeks we will see that stretch in the evening. I do not know about you but I always start to feel more energetic with the beautiful twilights of the setting sun each evening

Now is the time to look outside and maybe join a walking group. if you feel really brave one of the Bike clubs who just take a wonderful leisurely cycle around the town. If you would like to meet other seniors (50+) and enjoy a bit of activity, games and fun in a social setting? Then why not pop along to the Watershed on Monday nights at 8pm for some tutor led skittles, chatting, boccia and bowling. It only costs €20 for 10 weeks.

For years I would work on the garden getting it ready for the spring planting. From backyard gardening to running a full-fledged farm, the feeling of growing your own vegetables is unmatched.

Spring is the best time to try your hand at building a small garden. The weather is perfect for several types of vegetables, and you have control over the pesticides and fertilizers you use in these.

Growing spring vegetables can be simple. All you need to do is understand how a plant thrives, and you will be reaping fresh, nutritious vegetables in no time

I tended to stick to the useful ones. Lettuce, nothing better than fresh lettuce leaves from your garden for the salad.  Tasty and health dish. Spring Onions, Beetroot, Radishes and of course the potatoes. Ah yes, a plate of new potatoes from your own garden with butter and salt, an Irish meal in itself. And as my Father did say ‘ the new earlies have to be in the ground by St Patrick’s ’s day’ God rest his soul

Now growing our own vegetables was a major part of my younger years as we used the large back gardens in New park for growing vegetables for the dinner table. Everything tasted so much sweeter and fresher and the knowledge that it was you who planted that seed earlier in the year, watered and cared for the plant, and now you can harvest it, cook and it on your dinner table for you and your family to enjoy.

The reason I started to think this way was a trip recently to the supermarket. Now normally it is the Special Branded supermarkets we would frequent but this day there was specific branded items the boss needed. So, in we went and picked up the required items, now to be honest nothing particular special, but as usually an extra few items ended up in the basket and on to the check out. Just a few scans later and out popped the receipt €106.65! Now to say me heart skipped a beat maybe true but it’s a long time since I discovered a shot of wind from my rear end can actually dripple!

All the way home she told me how Milk, Butter, Sliced Ham, Bread, everything has gone up since the war in Ukraine. But hasn’t petrol dropped down which is what some store owners argued the prices would have to go up accordingly? May I ask when will they be coming down accordingly. Surely there is no Price gouging going on?

All Older People must have access to a decent income in retirement which will allow them to live with dignity a life, free from poverty and constant worry in decent well heated homes with good nutrition. This will support and enable them to fully participate, as equals, with all across the lifecycle.

In retirement the State Pension is the only source of income for many Older People and it must be set at a rate to allow for equal participation by Older People in society. It must reflect and fully take account of the Cost Of Ageing for Older People.

Older People in receipt of Occupational Pensions must be treated with equity and fairness and the State must never again impose levies on their scheme funds. Their rules and regulations must be transparent and have remedies for dispute resolution which are fair and do not involve costly litigation.

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