Ryszard Sarkowicz Visit to Kilkenny June 2015 & Newpark FRC

The Polish Ambassador to Ireland Ryszard Srakowicz  made his first visit to Kilkenny taking up the Twilight Groups Invitation to  spend the Afternoon in the Newpark Family Resource Centre where he was greeted by 7 different Nationalities including members of Kilkenny’s Polish Community. The visit took in a tour of Kilkenny Castle and the Smitwicks brewery experience finishing with a informal evening in City hall with the Mayor Mr Andrew Mc Guiness who was in his last few days of his 1 year term where Joe Malone then became Mayor and was very involved in the organising of the First trip to Malbork in June 2016 . A friendship agreement was signed on the evening. It is hoped to have this agreement that Mr Mc Guinness will return the document so it can be  on display in City Hall for the event on St Patrick’s day 2017 with the Parcellentia Agreement that Mayor Patrick O’Neill Signed in October 2016.

Ambassador ‘s visit to Kilkenny Castle
Ambassador Visit to Newpark FRC
Ambassadors Address to Polish Community

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