Be safe online!

The Twilight Youth Inclusion group is providing information days for their members. One such workshop recently was on the inherent dangers to our teenagers while online. The activities of all teenagers are now all-over social media. Many different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tic toc and What’s app are open to the scourge of Bullying. We have met people who have experiences on-line bullying and have witnessed the devastating affect it has had on the recipient. We have heard the news of teenagers taken their own lives because of the bullying they have received from continuous vile messages and pictures that are so far from the truth we often wonder why other teenagers spread and share these bullying posts.

At TYI’s last workshop Community Garda Andy Neil addressed the members. The Group has developed ‘The Seven Steps of Social Media Security’. This includes all the aspects about staying safe while on line. This couple with Andy’s recollection of actual incidents of Bullying online.

‘Don’t give out your personal details online’

‘Do not send comprising Photos to anyone, even friends’

‘Never meet some in person that you met on line’

‘Beware that the person claiming to be a teenager maybe an imposter’

‘Do not share information that you are not sure is true’

And remember,

‘What you think is harmless banter maybe offensive to the receiving person’

Garda Andy Neil is a true professional and his friendly personality ensures that the gathering of teenagers are captivated by his presentations and re life experiences.

Think twice before press send !

Social Media security will become even more important as we move deeper into digital era Employers are now using Social Media to review candidates for positions they have advertised. Therefore, a post you put online ,as a funny incident may not be what you think could be interpreted by the company as inappropriate and have an adverse effect on your job application.

Once you put it on the Web it is practically impossible to remove. Always be aware of what you are posting. Think twice before pressing send   

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