“Physical Activity is the single most useful thing that individuals can do to maintain their health and function and quality of life.” (World Health Organisation, 1997)

Many research studies have reported the benefits of physical activity for older adults and individuals
with limited movement. Although you may not be able to go for a jog or even a walk there is still a
lot you can do! Unfortunately, we sometimes stop exercising and spend endless hours sitting in our
favourite armchair watching the TV or listening to the radio. Now you can sit in that chair and still
have a physical work out. It’s true! even though I can hear Dougal Asking “Ah you’re pulling my Leg
Ted!” “like the last time Ted! when you told me the money was only resting in your account”

Back to what we are supposed to be talking about. Chair based exercises are a great way to keep
your body active. The exercises can be done at your own pace at home, on your own or with friends.

The exercises will help build your strength and flexibility and may bring you many other benefits,
such as

  • CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF: Diabetes Obesity Osteoporosis Heart disease / Cholesterol High
    blood pressure, Arthritis, Cancer,
  • IMPROVED self-esteem, Reduced depression, Reduced anxiety and stress, Improved overall well-
  • INCREASED joint mobility, Improved balance, Falls prevention, Increased reaction time Improved
    ability to carry out activities of daily living.

Research shows that you need to do 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day to gain
many health benefits. However, some of these benefits will be experienced even by doing low
intensity gentle exercise. These chair exercises are aimed at improving your ability to carry out your
daily activities and so focus on:

  • MOBILITY i.e. improving your ability to reach, grasp and move about
  • STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE i.e. improving your ability to carry, push and pull, lift
  • BALANCE i.e. improving your ability to move about with ease, improve reactions
  • AEROBIC FITNESS i.e. slightly improving your ability to sustain activities such as walking

Before you start any exercise programme it is recommended you talk to your doctor. It is a good ask
them if they think would such a programme is suitable for you.

FUN AND ENJOYABLE! Avoid all jerky or sudden movements and rapid twisting or turning of any part
of your body. Do not tilt your head backwards as it can cause dizziness and other problems. You
should wait up to 2 hours after eating a meal, smoking or drinking alcohol before you exercise.
Never exercise when you are injured or sick. If you get pains in your chest, dizziness or severe
shortness of breath when you are exercising, stop immediately and contact your GP.

We at Twilight Community are currently expanding our services and outreach into the Communities.
We have two qualified Fitness therapist and we are currently planning a senior’s fitness morning in
the Twilight International Cultural House, 15A Hebron Business Park, Kilkenny.

If you, or the senior group you may be a member of, are interest in a morning of fun and activities.
Why not give me a call for more details on another great Twilight Initiatives for the Senior members
of our Communities. Call Murty Brennan on 0863255840 or our Head office 0567813105

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