Time to say goodbye

Tears were shed, memories and friendships made that will hopefully stand the test of time. That was the scene in the Orchard House farewell part for the Twilight Youth inclusion group and their new friends for LEO youth Group Margny Les Compiegne and Malbork Poland as they packed their bags and head back home.

The three youth groups had spent the last 14 days together. They spent week one in France and toured the historical city of Margny Les Compiegne as well as an exciting day in the French Capital Paris. It was here they climbed the steps of the Eiffel Tower, saw the iconic tourist attractions of the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile , Louvre Museum, the world’s most-visited museum and took to the pool cool down in the 42 degree heat of the week’s adventures for young Twilight explorers

On their return to Ireland the team set up home in the fantastic facilities of Kilkenny College. The care and attention that the college staff showed to the 36 guests was, as always, top class as they left nothing to chance to ensure a memorable stay was had by one and all.

Now Paris may have the Eiffel Tower but Kilkenny has one of the only two round towers in the country that people may climb, the round tower at St Canice’s Cathedral. It provides a magnificent view of Kilkenny and the surrounding area on a clear day.  The group reached the tower’s summit, by climbing a series of internal ladders comprising seven floors and 121 steps in total, to view a beautiful city and stunning landscape.

A trip to Tramore, for many of us our summer sun holiday when travel to Spain and beyond was just a dream, but now with the Twilight Erasmus+ programmes our youth group members can experience trips of a life time to the many partners Twilight Community Group have built up since 2014. For students who have are member of our older Twilight Young Adults group we can offer work placements under the EU solidarity corps Programme.

The Castlecomer Discovery Park is now a must for anyone who visits Kilkenny. And our troop of adventures spent a day exploring and team building while taking to the air on Ireland’s longest ZIP line was one of the many highlights of the week.

But like all great holidays the ‘Time to say goodbye’ always comes. Friday last was just that day. The 3 groups that by now had merged into one big family of friends gather at the Orchard House, who are kind supporters of Twilight, and dined away their final moments together on burgers, chips, drinks and ice cream. As the danced and posed for photographic memories for their social media pages, it was not long before the dry eye became a little moist breaching the dry exterior they had hoped to portray. Final hugs and kisses, promises to stay in touch and the long wave goodbye as the bus pulled away and out of view.

Where this might be a sad occasion for the Twilight Youth Inclusion group members. It also shows how successful this programme is. New friends form Europe, new horizons, new places that have not being visited and experienced. And the building of confidence for these young adults. This is the beginning of a beautiful adventure and who knows where they will go next.

Twilight community is a fully inclusive group where, men, women, boys and girls are welcome in all their diversity. If you wish to join our every growing membership just call 0567813105/ 0863255840 or email [email protected]  

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