Twilight : A brief Time Line

Brief Time Line

2014: Twilight was established

The objective was to work closely with the local community and sporting groups to build relationships within the clubs. This was achieved by inviting the new nationalities living in Kilkenny to engage with local clubs. At the time, the Polish diaspora was the dominant community. Twilight worked closely with the Polish Embassy and, in 2016, was invited to be part of the inaugural Polska Eire Festival National Festival Committee. In year one, festivals in Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Kilkenny and Galway were achieved. Before Covid 19, we had 171 Festivals throughout Ireland and one in Poland.

In 2017, the Polska Eire National Festival was Launched in Kilkenny. The Polish Ambassador, HE Ryszard Sarkowicz (RIP), requested we explore the Twinning of Kilkenny City and Malbork City, Poland. Having looked at Twinning agreements generally, we produced our Twinning Protocols and forwarded them to the Council. They were adopted and are now the guidelines for all Twinning agreements for the Municipal Districts of Kilkenny, Margny Les Compinge, St Germain (France), Malbork (Poland,) Tiznit, Morocco, Beclean & Sighișoara, Romania 

Kilkenny City and Malbork, Poland, became Twinned Cities in 2017.

Since this agreement, we have hosted members of the Malbork Youth Young Adult Groups annually.

Members of the Municipal District, including the Mayor and his staff, attend our International Conferences every year and student exchange programmes as the members of the Kilkenny youth go to Malbork on a reciprocal visit.

As a result of this relationship, the Polish Ambassador offered Martin Brennan the Position of HON Polish Consul to Ireland and the offer of opening a consulate in Kilkenny City. Mr Brennan Deferred this position until the Twilight was more established

We finally opened our Administration Centre and the Polish Consulate, 15 A Hebron House, Hebron Business Park Kilkenny R95DD29, on March 2nd 2019 and had to close on March 17th due to the Pandemic. 

From 2017/ 18, Twilight’s strength grew to cover all the communities, making Kilkenny their new home and building strong and trustworthy relationships between Twilight and all Communities. We developed the Erasmus Plus Programme, allowing Twilight to bring Kilkenny Youth and Young Adults to Europe and Beyond. 

Twilight received support from the European Union and held an International Conference with themes based on the Stigmatization of Migrants and European Cultures Together to promote social inclusion and an equal society for Men, Women, Boys and Girls in all their diversity.  Twilight undertakes European projects for all citizens from our diverse communities of Kilkenny City & County and the South East region. Every Project Twilight engages in is explicitly geared to benefit Citizens of all ages and backgrounds and supports members from disadvantaged communities to travel at ‘No Charge’ to Europe on our Programmes. Twilight has enabled members to gain new globalized experiences of Heritage, History, Culture, Arts, and daily life and has forged new multicultural bonds

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This has undoubtedly helped broaden their horizons and has had a long-term impact on their personal development.

As a result of these relationships, it became evident that members desired a safe, secure space in a welcoming environment, and the concept of our International Cultural House was born. Twilight developed a five-year plan to create this space for members. The International Cultural House is now a reality and open to the community. It offers Class Rooms, Remote Working Spaces, an Intercultural Library, a Community Meeting Point, a Seniors Club, a Community Activate Space, a Kitchenette, a Media Training Suite, Community Podcast facilities and our Sensory Room. This facility allows Twilight to develop new and more advanced programmes. We were bringing together all our new Communities, Refugees, IPAs, LGBTQAI+, Immigrants, Migrant and Irish Communities under one roof. All participants working together as equal members will create a space where Integration happens organically.

The International Conferences we have held in Kilkenny since 2017 continue to grow annually. In March 2023, we had 8 European mayors representing their cities, four ambassadors to Ireland, and diplomatic representation from their embassies in Ireland. Over Three Hundred attendees enjoyed the Arts, Culture, Heritage, and History of the Countries who set up display tables and spoke at the events in March and October 2023. Our theme was the Cuisines from across Europe.

International Conference March 2023 

International Conference October 2023 

International Conference 2022 

By following the link below, you will be taken to our Studio TEN YouTube Channel, and you can see more of our recorded activities:

The Twilight 5-year plan is complete and can offer services to all Irish communities, Migrants, Immigrants, refugees, migrants, IPAs, LGBTQI, and our Senior Citizens. Twilight promotes the International Cultural House as a safe, secure environment to support the community’s needs. This will assist Twilight in promoting our ‘Communities Are Stronger Together’ and the Cultural House ethos of Welcoming Men, Women, Boys and Girls in all their diversity.

This will increase the number of Programmes and projects that we undertake and, therefore, the number of volunteers who may find the new programmes of great interest and support.

Below is a chart based on our programmes, including the direct and indirect participants. With the upgraded facilities, we will increase our target audiences exponentially.

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