🐣🐇🌷🥚 Apart, but still together this Easter! – COMPETITION 🐣🐇🌷🥚 Hey kids, get to work! All kids are welcome to take part in our fun-competition and to show off their creativity making an Easter Card. We are waiting for all type of artworks showing that… Read More »EASTER COMPETITION

International Conference 2019

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Stigmatisation of Migrants Conference 2019 Short description of Project’s Results With our ICE 2 conference on the ‘Stigmatization of Migrants’ the Twilight Community Group delivered very encouraging results. Representatives from all corners of the globe and from all sections of society returned to their… Read More »International Conference 2019

Twilight in Tiznit Morocco

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Two members of the Twilight Groups Board visited Tiznit Morocco on the 18th of July to discuss the Sectors of interests they wish to develop in their up coming agreement. Murty Brennan , General Manager & chairperson, and the Groups Overseas Executive & vice chairperson,… Read More »Twilight in Tiznit Morocco

Polska Eire 2018

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What a great integration Festival in Kilkenny for the 4th Polska Eire Festival 2018. Kilkenny 2018 [email protected] PolskaEire Festival Kilkenny Dear Sponsor, The curtain came down on the Polska Eire 2018 festival on Sunday 10th of June. It was a wonderful day of… Read More »Polska Eire 2018