Here at Twilight Community Group, we believe that the world is a global village.

Twilight CG was established for the promotion, integration, and social inclusion of everyone in our communities, focusing in particular on the needs of immigrants, ethnic minorities, disadvantaged and disability groups.

We do this by:
  • Organising and providing support for education
  • Exchange programmes
  • Workshops
  • Cultural events such as festivals, exhibitions, and performances to name but a few.

These activities are available for free or at minimum cost.

Our organisation covers Kilkenny and the South-East region of Ireland. We also support our partners throughout Europe, ensuring that they too adhere to the Twilight ethos.

Graphic with light blue background with heading: Twilight Community Group. Our areas of interest: Caption in yellow writing against dark blue box reads: exchange programmes next to a graphic of the world with people surrounding it. Next caption reads: community interest and commerce next to a group of people having a n engaging discussion. Next caption reads: youth groups and citizen's involvement next to two graphics of young people talking with a light bulb abvove the heads of another group of people. Next caption reads: tourism and sport next to a graphic of two suitcases with a camer and passport as well as a graphic of a tennis racket, basketball and baseball. Final caption reads: arts and culture next to a graphic of two theatre masks.