The Chicken or the Egg?

As I was driving into town last Sunday, I overheard one of the Dublin 4 economists tell us that no one would mind paying an extra 5 to 10 cent per egg due to the conflict in Ukraine. 10c per egg? Now that started my mind spinning. Ever since my better half passed away, God rest her good soul, I have my little morning ritual. I arise nice and early, put on my two eggs, shave and by the time I get dressed and back to the stove I have two hard boiled bullets waiting for me. Two slices of toast, mug of hot tea and I am set for another day.

But now it will cost me another €1.40 for my little morning treat per week and then more. As I drive nice and slow, to safe the bit of petrol, in my 2010 Nissan Micra, that I use to put €25 into the tank rise to €30 maybe €35 , they little man in the radio tells us the wheat and flour we need will increase substantial over the coming months also. Ok I thought, I’ll only buy a Half slice pan rather the a full one and cut the toast to one piece per morning?  That means I can save 7 slices a week. Just when I thought it was starting to come together, he opens his mouth and out comes more disturbing news. My ESB bill will increase by 30%. Ok maybe if I stopped watching daytime TV and, in the night, leave the light off and let the TV light up the room. And then another blow to my new Budget plan. The gas will increase by 40%! Oh my god. My brain is now working overtime. Gas? Ok if I don’t turn on the heating during the day, and if its cold maybe put on an extra jumper that may keep me warm. Cooking that is a problem. How can I cut back on the cooking? If only herself was still here I am sure she would think of something. Boil a kettle in the morning and get a flask to keep the water hot maybe? Worked for me when on the building sites. That might work.

As you can imagine the journey home was a little bit of a depressing one. The thoughts of the future were looking bleak. Our Dublin 4 economist was still firing out figures and hitting me as if it was a scatter gun he was using. Milk , carrots , the auld spud you name it was going to be hit by an increase and sure his view was “ No one will mind or complain as we are all going to have do our bit” I heard the words of CJ coming back to haunt me “ As a  nation we are living beyond our means and we all must tighten our belts”. I pulled into the drive in a little bit of a daze and opened the front door and was met with my good old reliable friend ‘Rusty’. Wagging tail, smiling face and the current love of my life. My god how am I going to feed my one and only faithful companion?  Then it struck me. I’ll skip my morning ritual. No boiled eggs, no toast! It is the least I can do for Rusty the dog.

This might sound some what laughable to the economist from the Dublin 4 set who after the show probably headed to the Grandstand Restaurant and had a ‘Bruch’ of one or maybe two eggs benedict and asked his friends who joined him did the hear his take on what the country should do and put their shoulder to the wheel as they flick through the Travel brochures to select their summer holiday.

Unfortunately, these are the choices our seniors have to make. Eat or stay warm, what to have for each meal. Get up or stay in bed, eat and stay warm and healthy or not and become ill and then they will tell us we are a burden to the state that made us this way. Is  the chicken for the dinner or an egg for the breakfast     

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