What another year for Twilight’s European Cultures Together project


What another year for Twilight’s European Cultures Together project

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What’s Another year? That was the Eurovision winner for Ireland and Mr. Eurovision himself Johnny Logan first victory in Europe. The Twilight Community Group each year have entertained and educated our view points in my different issues about our European Union and its values. To date Twilight have held the trilogy of International Conferences on ‘The Stigmatization of Migrants’ were an open and honest debates took place among all the delegates from across Europe.

The very progressive Kilkenny Charitable organization have now moved on to another trilogy of European Cultures Together project.  For Saint Patrick’s Festival it was a display of our European partners Arts, Culture and Music. That event proved to be a tremendous success.

And so, to the event on European Cuisine. What an excellent event the community group once again produced to highlight Kilkenny to Europe and beyond. It took place on the Friday October 27th , the opening day of  the Savour Food festival in the wonderful setting of the 4-star Ormond Hotel. Their Partners for the event from France, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Portugal and combination through our Partners to create an International Cuisine display from sixteen different Countries. The aroma in the air was filled with the scents of herbs and spices mixed with the unique cooking styles and delicious side dishes that left not just your mouth watering but the cravings for more.

The delegates included a large cross section of the public from Kilkenny and beyond as over thirty thousand tourists come to Kilkenny every year for the International Savour Food festival. The guests and visitors moved form table to table sampling all the European Dishes which were embellished by the cuisines of the African Continent, including Samuel Morgan and his wife, two longtime friends and dedicated Twilight Community Group members, and their incredible chicken and lamb dishes of South Sudan. The Moroccan Embassy had a display of Hot dishes and some incredible pastries with those distinct Moroccan Flavors. Our Twilight Indian Community had some wonderful dishes including for the first time the taste of the Tamel Community of India’s cuisine.

Poland and Ukraine set up side by side and together portrayed the incredible dishes and desserts of their region. Lead by the principal of Polska Szkoła im. św. Jana Pawła II w Kilkenny Jolanta Górnicka and Ukraine community Leader  Svitlana Saseyi was mentioned by the new Polish Ambassador to Ireland, the guests of honor of the event, Ambassador of the Republic Arkady Rzegocki and Consul of the Republic of Poland Wojciech Wójcik in their review and top-class report on the European Cultures Together Conference on their Polish Embassy Page  The Romanian Community’s Cuisine display was another of the highlights of the event. With their colourful arrange of the dishes and backdrops of their national Flag and Romanian designed pull up add gravitas to their cuisine display. Our Friends from Portugal, Spain and Italy provide the Guest with uniquely Mediterranean flavored dishes and the flavors of Portuguese Strong Port and wine samples and Slovakia added to their array of cuisine with their special Tea that like our Irish tea in the winter! has a dash of alcohol.

With the Guest speakers and their work shops and presentations this second in Twilight Community Group’s proposed Trilogy, like part one, was a great experience for all the delegates. The event allows for open and honest debate about the cultures and their differences not just in their cuisines but right across all aspects of European Cultures. The distinct displays of the regional and national costumes show the pride each of the participating partners and countries have towards the arts, heritage and culture. High lighting this in a performance, which was specifically selected to open the conference by Ukraine Singer Ninir Hemlioba and her powerful rendition of a Ukraine National Folk Song. Particularly poignant for this time of war across Europe and the Palestine, Israeli Conflict. 

We do hope that in a world where aggression, conflict and nations are too eager to raise arms against their fellow humans and proceed to inflict pain suffering and death upon their neighbours, why we all can’t take a leaf out of the Twilight Community Group’s book where ‘Men Women , Boys and Girls are welcome in all their diversity and the Communities are Stronger together .

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