Policy and Procedures

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Table of Contents

1. Policy. 1

1.1 Policy Statement 1

1.2 Purpose. 1

1.3 Scope. 1

1.4 Responsibilities. 1

2. Procedures. 2

2.1 Facilitating and Handling Complaints. 2

2.1.1 Stage 1 – Informal Early Frontline Resolution. 2

2.1.2 Stage 2 – Formal Complaint 2

3. Monitoring and Review.. 3

Appendix A: Complaints Form.. 4

Appendix B: Complaints Resolution Form.. 5

1. Policy

1.1 Policy StatementTwilight Community Group is committed to dealing effectively and efficiently with any complaints about our service. We recognise that we may make mistakes from time to time, and that people may feel that the service they have received from us, or tried to receive from us, was unsatisfactory. To meet this commitment, we will: Provide information about the process in an easily accessible format.Accept a complaint through a third party on behalf of a complainant provided they have consent to do so.Encourage feedback on all aspects of our operations so that we can maintain and continuously improve standards.Ensure the complainant is listened to and respected.Seek an early resolution – where possible complaints will be dealt with at first point of contact.Assign an independent person to deal with the complaint, if required, who will be the main point of contact.Respond to complaints within an agreed reasonable timeframe.Provide information about timeframes and possible outcomes.Deal with the complaint in an objective and unbiased manner.Handle a complaint in a confidential manner in line with data protection guidelines.Record and document all aspects of the complaint. Provide reasons for decisions and options for redress or review.
1.2 PurposeTo ensure that we handle complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively.
1.3 ScopeApplies to all staff receiving or managing complaints from the public made to or about us.
1.4 ResponsibilitiesThe manager is responsible for ensuring that the policy and the procedures in this document are implemented efficiently and effectively. All other staff and volunteers (including Board/Steering Committee members) are expected to facilitate this process.

2. Procedures

2.1 Facilitating and Handling Complaints

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ResponsibilityBoard/Steering Committee, Manager, All Staff
ProcedureComplaints can be made to any board/steering committee member, internal volunteer or member of staff at any time either verbally or in writing. Should a complaint be received the following applies? 2.1.1 Stage 1 – Informal Early Frontline Resolution Once a complaint is received discuss the complaint with the complainant and attempt to agree a way forward or a solution that suits both parties. Aim to resolve the complaint immediately where possible.If required, allow 5 working days to investigate or remedy the issue.If resolved record the details on the complaint’s resolution form and file.If unresolved document the details on the complaints resolution form and inform the complainant that they can make a formal complaint which must be submitted in writing within 5 working days. 2.1.2 Stage 2 – Formal Complaint If the complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant or if they feel that they cannot make the complaint to a member of staff, the complaint should: Be submitted in writing within 5 working days of initial contact or the issue arising – using the complaints form – to the manager or an appropriate member of the board/steering committee. The complainant must be contacted within 5 working days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and outline the course of action to be taken. Inform the complainant of the name of the person(s) undertaking the investigation.  A representative will undertake an investigation of the complaint. The investigation may take different forms depending on the nature of the complaint. This process must be completed within 30 days of receipt of the complaint. (Where the investigation takes greater than 30 days, the complainant must be notified).  Contact the complainant to confirm the details of their complaint and what outcome they are hoping for. When the investigation is complete the complainant will be notified in writing of the outcome electronically or using the complaints resolution form. Where the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, they can ask for a final review to be carried out by an independent person in the organisation. The request for a review must be submitted in writing within 10 working days. An independent person will be appointed to carry out the review. The decision from the review will be final.
RecordsComplaints Form, Complaints Resolution Form, Records of Meetings, Emails

3. Monitoring and Review

Monitoring and ReviewThe manager will monitor any complaints on a weekly basis and report the board/steering committee at the next meeting or sooner if required. The procedure will be reviewed annually by the manager and staff or sooner if required. The policy will be reviewed every three years by the board/steering committee or sooner if required.
RecordsDocument Control Matrix, Record of Meetings





Appendix A: Complaints Form

Complainants Details
Name (Print) 
Phone Email 
If a third party is acting on your behalf please provide details
Name (Print) 
Phone Email 
Please describe the nature of your complaint as fully as possible (The box will expand as you type or attach additional sheets if required)
Date the issue occurred.  Date of Complaint 
Signed by: (Complainant or third-party representative) 

Appendix B: Complaints Resolution Form

Complainants Details
Name (Print) 
Phone Email 
Complaint Details
Received by Date 
MethodIn Person In Writing Phone 
Nature of the complaint           
Signed by: (on behalf of the organisation)  Date 
Signed by: (Complainant or third-party representative)  Date