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On Any Given Saturday

In a world that is becoming more digital day by day it is important that our youth are kept up to speed with the new technologies that will be part of their everyday life. As we now see the efforts to get everyone to have a better work life balance by the time, they become members of the workforce we will be ‘working from home’ not just locally but across the world.

The Irish Government have now introduced a law for remote working which will be the work life model in the years to come. Therefore, now is the time to get your education under way.

Twilight Community Group are never shy when it comes to getting new initives started. They recently set up their STUDIO TEN, which allows for all communities to get their news out to their communities. This opened a new department and adventure to the Charity’s programme of ‘Communities Are Stronger Together’

AS we all know Covid 19 had a serious adverse effect on all sectors of society. Our youth are no different to any other age group. With this in mind the Twilight Youth Inclusion Group was formed. The group is for all ages from 12 17  and this dovetails nicely with their Erasmus + programme for 18 to 30-year-old. Coincidently Twilight have 5 students heading to Lithuania to discuss the benefits of the Erasmus + for our young adults. This is all part of the services the Twilight Community Group offer our Young adults.

The Twilight Youth Inclusion is for all nationalities to be part of this unique City Youth group. It has programmes for personal development in its schedule for2022 The group have their own committee, and they are afforded a fund that they must now budget their proposed activities around. They had day trips to Waterford activity Centre, K Bowl and many more are planned.

As we said at the start IT is now the future. With this in mind it was decided that TYI members would get a master class in podcasting. That is how to operate a camera, how to edit, and get a youth podcast for broadcasting on the Twilight European Network (TEN)you tube channel Twilight Studio TEN.

 TYI is a group for inclusion. The Bank of Ireland will be holding budgeting classes for the Members. Twilight’s Professional Life coaches will talk to the members as part of the ‘Over coming Covid’ & ‘Overcoming isolation’ Part of this programme addresses the inherent dangers of social media. In conjunction with the youth members of the TYI the Twilight Seven steps of Social media were developed and will be presented as part of this Community foundation of Ireland funded Programme.

TYI is growing weekly. If you would like to part of this exciting programme please contact Twilight on [email protected] or just call 0567813105 and we can arrange for you to come for to see the set up on any given Saturday   

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