DAVID Project gaining followers across Ireland

The great news from the Diversity Awareness Visibility Inclusion Development (DAVID) Team is the traction the programme is gaining with not just the LGBTQAI+ Communities but their families, friends and colleagues across Ireland. The young vibrant team that Inclusion Officer Stephen Mungovan has developed are making contacts directly with the Student Union bodies and the LGBTQAI+ communities to inform them of the DAVID project and what its aims and aspirations are. ” They team, which has young members who are engaging directly with these groups and institutes ,show that this programme is welcomed and needed as we strive to have a society for all men, women, boys and girls in their diversity” Mr. Mungovan said recently after the Trans life Kilkenny meeting which was held in the Twilight International Cultural House Kilkenny.

He also said” This is one of the objectives of DAVID, A safe and secure space where all groups can meet together to talk and as we say hold ‘courageous conversations’ . That is where all comments and views are welcome and everyone’s point of view is valued”

Emmanuel Samuel is WIT graduate and a veteran of many Erasmus + programmes across Europe and Africa. ” The DAVID programme aligns perfectly with the Erasmus + programmes. These are projects of exchange and education in a non judgmental , soft learning environment, where all are welcome regardless of you sexual orientation or gender ” Emmanuel added that his peers and colleagues in our European partners are enquiring as to the possibility of Twilight’s DAVID project becoming a European wide programme in the near further. The Twilight Community Group Management and Board of Directors believe this is a strong possibility for their 2023 programme of events.

The Project also received a wonderful message from the Senator David Norris, whom the project is named after, recently which will broadcast shortly across our social media platforms. The Studio TEN team are working with David, and our own Mr. Frank Tynan, to produce a short documentary to honor David Norris and the unbelievable advocacy work done by the senator for this community down through the decades

Senator David Norris

The upcoming events are

  1. The Stigmatization of Migrants conference which includes speakers from around the world and our own Mikolaj Lesniak talking to the audience about Diversity and Helena Power and Michael Ibraham telling us about their lived experiences
  2. Stephanie McDermott-Lecturer St Patrick’s College, Carlow, will talk about Hate Speech followed by a Questions and Answers
  3. Maria Walsh MEP will once again send a video message to be shown to the audience . Maria is a wonderful advocate for the LGBTQAI+community and the Twilight DAVID Project .

Helena Power
Michael Ibrahim
Mikolaj Lesniak
Stephine McDermott

Coming soon is an excellent interview with the Kilkenny’ GLOW UP Ireland Star Michael Ryan as he talks to Frank Tynan about his lived experiences growing up in Urlingford, moving to Dublin and his career as Make Artist:

AND for all you out there who love your make up Michael is willing to hold a Master class in Make up for all as remember DAVID is a fully Inclusive project.

Details to follow , Book earlier as numbers will be limited

Michael is back living at home after the pandemic
Michael Ryan

If you or any of your family , friends or colleagues wish to volunteer for the DAVID Programme please contact 0567813105 or email INFO @ TWILIGHT.IE

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