Let’s continue to ready!

As we continue down the road where our weather will become less welcoming to our upward and mobile daily lives Twilight, together with the Kilkenny Observer, over the next few editions will continue to flag ways to make this summer to winter transition a lot easier and less stressful.

In our last installment we highlight works we show look at before the weather does become wetter and colder. The garden is another area we can prepare in this Twilight Winter Readiness programme. We all know that hanging branch, our over grown bush that we pass, or walk by every day and each time we make a mental reminder to cut that branch and trim that bush before it knocks me over. During the summer months when the ground is more suitable for walking, bending under same obstacles is easy, it will be more of a like trying to jump over the ‘Chair’ or turning the ‘Canal Corner’ on Jimmy McGinty’s Goat let alone on your own shank’s mare. So, now is the time to trim, cut back any of those over hanging branches and Garden Bushes. As always seek assistance for those large or out of reach Trees and Plants rather risking an injury.                                                                              

However, we don’t suggest you forsake participate in these activities as at Twilight we believe all our retirees show stay active and have fun doing so. Stay Tuned to our Age Action programmes later in the year including ‘The Meeting Point’ and Twilight Activity Programmes.  Back to today’s advice.

Getting winter ready can include getting the winter clothes out and the summer clothes away. I for one know from previous experience having to pull the house apart as I searched for that Jumper, Cardigan and even my winter coat when needed in a hurry. The weather in Ireland can change overnight. So, why not be ready and when it does! you have all your winter clothing at hand.

As we have enjoyed the warmer days and brighter nights, we tend to neglect the small little items we have to have ready for the onset of winter. The extra Light Bulbs, The Torch, in case of the power cut, and those all-important phone numbers need in case of an emergency. The little items that can carry us over the few hours of discomfort. In so cases the recommendation of Candles for light during a power cut. We would prefer to see the use of the battery powered flash lamps and torches. The candle’s naked flame can be a fire hazard. Now for all those who attend our reason Bank of Ireland and Community Foundation of Ireland funded Twilight Protecting and assisting Senior services, received advice from Fire Chief John Collins and his team and always remember John and his team are available to offer free advice and services. If you wish Twilight to assist you on getting that advice contact our Cultural Hub, 15A Hebron House, Hebron Business Park, Kilkenny R95DD29 0567813105, or 0863255840. And the same for Safety advice from Andy Neil and his Garda Community Advice team.

Believe or or not staying active is a great way to beat the winter blues. And our Health and Wellness is an important part of getting winter ready. Let’s look out for groups we can join. Walking groups, Men’s Sheds are a great association. While the weather still allows us, keep bring that little best friend for his daily walks around the Streets and beautiful parks we have in Kilkenny. Maybe find a new community group to join. As mentioned in a previous edition, Twilight are developing their new Hub at their Hebron House Head Office. Work is underway, and when completed will have Senior activities to its fore. As mentioned in that edition we will fully qualified nutritionist and fitness professionals to go through specific approved fun activities. We will have a café and of course the ‘Meeting Point’ We are excited with the response we got the last time we posted our Plans and are as eager as you to get started. When it comes to our Chair based exercises, we have many people putting their names down to join. If you too would like to contact us and leave your name and number please contact us at 0567813105 or 0863255840

Next week we will continue with our winter ready programme. It will include what to be ready for in the case of another ‘East from the Beast’ and how to be ready to slay the beast     

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