Time for the Sun Screen factor 40

It’s our annually family summer holiday

The sunshine is here! It is all about sun screen factor 40 and ‘make sure we al drink loads of water ‘Unfortunately others believe it is drinking a lot more of the Uisce Beatha! However, one thing we can be sure of, is this week the schools have reopened so our ‘Indian Summer ‘has arrived. I now honestly believe that the week the schools open is possible the best time for a family holiday.

Over the past 10days we have seen our Dail Representation is to be increased by 14 seats to 4 new constituencies. We now have 174 TDS. Well if 160 can’t sort the mess maybe 174 might … Well we all know what they say about too many chefs? We now have to cover the cost of their salaries and very generous benefits, and least we forget those Gold-Plated pensions. Yes, Gold-Plated! Ladies and gentlemen of the Dail, Imagine the contributions you would have to make if you had a real job in the Private sector?   We will be calling on the Jury soon, Yes, the voice of the Public.

The reason for this recommendation by Electoral Commission is, based on our Constitution states we need One TD per 30000 citizens. The 14 new TDs will bring Dáil numbers to 174 and increase the number of constituencies increases from 39 to 43.The review was carried out to reflect Ireland’s growing population which stood at more than 5.1 million in Census 2022.The new number will mean that there will be one TD for every 29,593 people on average. Some 17 constituencies will have more than 30,000 TDs per person – the higher end of the range set out in the Constitution. This is the same number of constituencies that go above 30,000 as the last review in 2017.

Now here is the problem, you see when Dev wrote that in to the constitution is was 1930s, And we had approx. 3 million citizens or, 1 TD per 10% of the population. But unfortunately when it comes to our governmental institutions and the many consultants and advisors thinking outside the box it is allegedly is outlawed! For they are the upper class and the voting public are the lower class, a difference we will come to again in this week’s piece … They tell us what we need and what to do no questions asked, and if you do, they answer is ‘because’. It is great comfort they don’t finish the reply with the remainder of that statement ‘We told you so’. Now a person who thinks logically, and I don’t mean Dr Spock as I am sure such obvious logic is in Junior infants Vulcan Q&A.

If Dev thought 1 TD per 10% of the Citizens in 1930 well logically if the population raised to 5.1 million, I am sure the Ghost of Dev pass would now concede that 1 TD per 51000 is the required representation number. Which is 102 TDS a reduction of 58 seats !  Now if it is law and as part of the Constitution, we would need a referendum to change it and well the powers that be think it doesn’t make logical sense to put it to the people. DEAD RIGHT as it would not be an increase in the members of the Dail we require but Less that would be the result of a voice of the Public Jury on this matter. For god sake 174 TDs to run this county.

But then that was the law back in the 1930s but hey do were the following.

  1. Punishment for Attempting or trying to commit suicide?   To Hung by the neck till death!          I kid you not
  2. One can be posh and eat crisps and porridge now after the proclamation of 1817 ruling that the consumption of potatoes and oatmeal should be kept for the “lower orders” was repealed in 2015. Told you we would be returning to those believe hey are the upper class due to their employer
  3. Any member of the establishment can search your vehicle to see that you are not hiding Eggs!
  4. The death penalty of 1590 for selling horses out of the English ruled area of the ‘Pale’ or Greater Dublin was put in place to prevent English settlers from trading with Irish clans who were still in power in large parts of the country.
  5. Catholics are now safe to live all over Ireland after Oliver Cromwell’s “to hell or to Connacht” demand to Irish Catholics which was put into practice in 1654 and saw the removal of Catholic landowners with their wives, children and families from the provinces of Leinster, Munster and Ulster to Connacht. The old law was recently binned by the Irish Government.
  6. A proclamation of 1542 declaring that the English crown shall be “King of Ireland” was ineffective once Ireland became a Republic in 1949 but the law continued with its place on the statute books until 2015.

Imagine the reason for increasing the representation was it’s the Law. Like all the silly Laws above from the 1930s ?. When will we get Advisors, Consultants, Public Employees who can ‘Think outside the box’ rather than the herd Mentality we currently endure?  but then a death row of Turkeys voting for Christmas? Nope I don’t think so .

Time for the Sun Screen factor 40 and out to the garden with the Grand Kids! Its our annually family summer holiday

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