Studio TEN Studio is Twilight’s very own broadcasting studio.

It features podcasts, radio shows as well as films which will allow Twilight CG’s message to reach a broader audience.

The purpose of Studio TEN is two-fold:

1) Studio TEN brings our programmes to international viewers.

2) It allows communities to showcase the activities they are organising.

Twilight programmes cover:

Sport, Community, News, Youth Programmes including LGBTQI+

All of Twilight’s projects will be recorded which will be used for the dissemination of our projects for the EU.

We will offer training programmes on internet security, specifically our programme: the Seven Steps of Social Media Security.

Our aim is to have a Twilight European Network of NGOs and organisations across Europe under our umbrella. A Twilight affiliated group with one member per 27 states and each will have Charter of Friendship Agreement between Twilight and their respective NGO.