‘Its Life Jim, but not as we know it!’

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During months of ‘the Pandemic’ the way we went to the doctor changed dramatically. We didn’t get to see him face to face. No thermometer placed in your mouth and for us men no finger where the sun doesn’t shine! And that was the only welcoming relief.

It seems science has now developed away for your local GP to look down your throat or feel the tummy down the telephone line!  God be with the days you would get a big spoon of the syrup, a goodnight sleep and whatever was ailing yah was out of you like a shot the following morning 

I’m sure we have all seen reports about how populations across the Globe are ageing and that by 2031 the population over 65 in Ireland will have increased to over 1 Million (source: CSO 2018) This will ultimately lead to increases in demand for homecare and health care services.  71% increase in the number of people who will require homecare packages 38% increase in demand for GP visits or phone calls, if I had only kept those eircom shares that helped light the fire some years back  So, what can be done to ensure senior members of our society can continue to get the access to the necessary support they require? You have guest it in one …. We are going on line! Its is called Smart Care

Say Awwahhh

So, what is Smart care?
Smart care empowers seniors to live independent, healthy and active lives in their own homes as well as providing their families with peace of mind.

Its smart because it: Provides services designed to meet the specific needs of each and every customer, combines homecare, healthcare and sensor enabled 24/7 remote assistance to provide better and more affordable support, when required. Uses technology to enhance the level of reassurance, whilst reducing costs at the same time.

This going to be great I hear Fr Dougal Say.! “But Ted what happens if you can’t get the Internet!”

Hello ….. No I don’t know a Hail Mary ….. is she from Town?

We explored a bit more to understand this new service. They provide a service called remote assistance that uses the latest smart home technology. It uses a small hub, a bit like a modem, that connects discrete smart sensors, placed in the home, to their 24/7 Remote Assistance team. Included in their standard pack is the hub, 2 motion sensors, a door sensor and a wrist worn fall detector, which doubles as a panic button.

The sensors notify their Remote Assistance team should any of their customers require immediate assistance. Should this occur they give their customer a quick call to check that everything is OK. If their customer tells them they are not OK, or if they don’t answer, they then contact a family member or another nominated person. The remote assistance service costs €9 per week and also includes the cost of the
technology. And here comes the catch! Their service works a bit like a mobile contract, in that customers would need to sign up to an 18-month contract.

Their remote assistance service works in tandem with their homecare teams to provide more comprehensive support. They say that by combining homecare and remote assistance, their customers often need less homecare hours so reducing how much customers would need to pay. In addition, all their customers also get priority access to their healthcare services provided by their teams of 24/7 GPs and Nurses, as well as appointments with Counsellors, Physiotherapists, footcare specialists and dieticians.

OK We are having a little bit of fun about this Smart Care. But let’s be honest it is the future of our Senior Health care. So, you will have to get use to saying AWAHHH down the Phone to GP from now!

Its Life Jim but not as we know it!

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