Kilkenny Traveller Pride Week

The KTCM Kilkenny Traveller Community Movement promoted and presented their culture to the people of Kilkenny and the south east. The Traveller Community are proud of their heritage and culture. They are aware of the importance of their community’s history and are proud to share it with all the diverse communities now have living in our county and across the island Ireland.

Kilkenny Traveller Pride Week

Helena Power is a leading activist for the Traveller Community. She speaks passionately about her history and her family’s past. Twilight Community are very proud to be associated with Helena and her team. One of the team is Samantha Joyce who has developed a strong social media presence across all the platforms and her wall with samples of the Traveller Language of Cant is fascinating to read.

Helena Power is no stranger to our Twilight Community group and was a keynote speaker as the Twilight Community Groups International Conference on Stigmatization and gave a powerful and educational speech to the international audience which included Ambassadors and dignitaries from 15 different EU countries and the ascension states applying for membership to the European Union

Helena Power KTCM

This international event took place March 16th 2022 in Kilkenny’s Newpark Hotel. The Display that was put together and presented to the invited and members who attended this Free event of the Traveller Community was one of the highlights of the day, and is available in the following video

The Twilight Community’s ethos is ‘Communities are Stronger Together’. The Traveller Community and KTCM are very strong component of bring all communities, both international and indigenous communities together.

Co Productions is favored by Twilight Community Group and the Charities aim is to provide an International Cultural House where all nationalities ,Men Woman, Boys and Girls are welcome in all their diversity to use the facilities and services this Cultural House will have on site.

By all our communities combining their experiences and resources we can make this aim a reality in the very near future and prove that ‘Communities Are Stronger Together’

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