Fire Safety Week

No matter which way you look at it, it’s true and we try and remind people of this immensely important point every October during Fire Safety Week which starts on the 17th of October.

It has such importance and potential to save your life that it featured for the first time in the 2022 National Census

There’s a widely held belief that if your home catches fire, the smell of smoke will wake you up.  Nothing could be further from the truth as inhaling smoke and other toxic gases can put you in a deeper sleep. Brain death occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen for as little as three minutes.

Life saver

A working smoke alarm buys you time by alerting you to the presence of smoke and giving you a chance to escape from injury and potentially death. If you haven’t got a working smoke alarm, consider fitting one today. If you have a smoke alarm, then please check it to make sure it’s in good working order (smoke alarms may be tested by pressing the test button with the handle tip of a floor brush).

Now as we return to the Twilight Community Groups Protecting assisting Senior Services (PASS) programme which includes an excellent section on fire safety in the home for our Seniors. Our Kilkenny Fire Chief John Collins and his team explains to the senior groups what the dangers are and part of PASS is the offer by the Fire Services to call to our senior homes and install FREE OF CHARGE a smoke alarm that could be the product that saves your life. They will also provide an ‘Arm’ that is for to press the test button to ensure the batteries are working. And as was pointed out at our last event it is also a great ‘back scratcher’!  Oh, the ingenuity of our seniors.

The PASS programme will be holding a rural event and the final event will be in Newpark hotel where all seniors are invited to attend for a morning chat and the get the ‘users’ feedback on the programme.

Twilight Community offer all its programmes free of charge and the Newpark event will be no exception. The day will include the following contributors. The Fire Services, The Garda Community Section, Newpark Family Law, ST Canice’s Credit Union and Money Advice Bureau. The day will include lunch for all.

The date of this Spring event has yet to be decided but when it is, we will contact the Seniors groups to give you the opportunity to book your place.

The dates will be published in advance in the Kilkenny Observer Newspaper  


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