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                                                                                       LEGAL STATUS

Registered Charity No. 20200322.

Twilight Community    Group CLG        

Reg Charity    



Company Number : 636173 


Integration / Social Inclusion & Community Development Group:

Our 3 Pillars are Integration, Inclusion & Solidarity

 Our Mission Statement:

Twilight Community Group is established for the promotion, integration and social inclusion of communities, focusing on the needs of immigrants, ethnic minorities, disadvantaged and disability groups. We will do this by organizing and providing support for education, exchange programmes, festivals, exhibitions, workshops, arts training, performances and other cultural events. These activities will be available for free or at minimum cost. The organization covers Kilkenny and the South East region of Ireland. We will also support our partners throughout Europe, ensuring that they too, adhere to the Twilight ethos.

The Twilight Community Group is a not for profit organisation

In 2015 we developed our Integration Network Protocols. Our template is now the accepted standard by all the groups with whom we work locally, nationally and internationally.

 Our Protocols cover the following areas:

  • Community Interests.
  • Exchange Programmes
  • Commerce
  • Arts & Cultural
  • Sport
  • Citizens Involvement Programmes
  • Youth Groups
  • General Advice Agencies (Locally and Nationally)
  • Funding Streams (Locally, Nationally and European)
Survey on ‘The Stigmatisation of Migrants

Twilight International Cultural House

Survey on ‘The Stigmatisation of Migrants

Based on our research data and from the knowledge garnered from engagement with local International Communities we recognize that to have a fully integrated Socially Inclusive society we must engage with all the communities separately and collectively. By doing this we can remove the labels which we now place on our International Communities, Migrant, Immigrant, Refugee, Alyssum Seeker, disadvantaged etc.  Many of the communities feel that this labelling is a form of stigmatisation and a major disadvantage when applying for work or supports.

In our Survey we found that after language, discrimination and public opinion were the key obstacles faced by the international community as they attempted to integrate fully into their new communities.

After studying our Survey and after consultation with the Community Groups in question our Board proposed establishing the Twilight International Cultural House. This will operate in Kilkenny and a successful outcome to this project will see it replicated Nationwide.  Supporting this assertion is the fact that we already have had primary enquiries from Waterford and Laois.


Our positive interaction and involvement with local communities, migrant and immigrant communities ensure that these groups reap the benefit of our endeavours.

In Kilkenny during 2018 we held the internationally recognized conference on ‘The Stigmatization of Migrants’. This proved to be an outstanding success with 15 nations attending. Allied to this Ambassadors and senior official from European countries attended and addressed the conference. Aware of these growing markets and utilising our ‘Networking of Towns’ programme we  actively support opportunities for foreign growth. Our approach is from the bottom up. This allows us to engage with all community leaders both at home and abroad confident that we possess the knowledge relevant to the requirement of the people. This unique source of information allied to our in-depth market research enhances this invaluable insight.  


The Twilight Community Group has experienced personnel with the ability and acumen to ensure the Twilight International Cultural House will be a successful venture. The future will see the project expand. Initially this will be within the area covered by the Polish Consulate.  Later, the model will develop nationwide. All our trained volunteers are committed to ensuring the International Cultural House delivers our ethos of integration and social inclusion.  

  1. 1. 


Board of Directors.

Chair                                                                     Martin Brennan,

Secretary                                                              Frank Cody

Board of Management:

Chair:                                                                     Martin Brennan (Trustee)

Vice Chair:                                                             Philip Brennan

Secretary:                                                              Frank Cody   

Operations Manager:                                             Louise Bourke (Trustee)

                                                                               Ania Adamowska (Trustee)

                                                                               Treacy Bourke

Non-Executive Members

                                                                            Syed Mustafis Rahman (Trustee)

                                                                            Livui Iftime

                                                                            Patrick O’Neill (Trustee)

Denis Hynes (Trustee)

Peter (Chap) Cleere

Volunteering and cultural activities.

Without Volunteers it is very hard for any community group to grow and provide services. We invite all to participate in our programmes as volunteers. The Twilight community Group has a diverse range of areas of interest. This is very advantages as people can volunteer in one of our sectors that is of interest to the own ethos for volunteering



  • Members Café / self-service canteen

 The International Cultural House is a member only centre and therefore each member is required to sign using a member’s swipe card to gain access. This makes the Cultural House a safe environment and eliminates any security risk to the community.

Each Community group will appoint their group’s leader who will be responsible for his community’s conduct within the centre and environs.

The Café is not open to public and will not operate as a commercial venture.  Twilight Community group is a not for profit organization and all income is reinvested into the Centre’s programs activates & Upkeep.                        

  • Intercultural Library

The Intercultural library will provide books from around the world so that member can peruse books on the Arts, Cultures, History plus a variety of fiction This will receive, promised support from the Kilkenny Library service and the Heritage service.

  • Study room / IT Room

During our research a common theme highlighted the need for a ‘quiet space’ to allow students to study and develop.  Our IT room will provide this facility. It will also serve to provide basic computer tuition.

  • Community Room

A community will allow members access to hold private and communal events. It will also provide Twilight with the opportunity to organize activities and courses of interest. These will be available to all.

  • Senior’s Services

Kilkenny Seniors forum will be offered space, in the Cultural House, to house their regional office.  Our programme for senior’s will be based on the ‘4 Goals of Positive Ageing’, supported by Healthy Ireland, HSE. This programme incorporates Mental Health & Physical Wellbeing criteria of benefit to our society. The Café will be a space for seniors to meet, chat and interact.  The Community Foundation of Ireland is a supporter of these planned activities.

IT services will be provided for our seniors ie banking and social welfare service’s This will allow us to introduce Intergenerational activities as young members explain IT to our seniors while they in return can give advice based on their life experiences. They have a degree that you cannot receive from any university, that is, the ‘Degree of Life’ 

  • Youth Services

The younger members of our communities involved in the Cultural House will be instructed in the principals of one race- the Human race. This will be achieved with support and guidance from the National Youth Council of Ireland. This programme will be delivered in the Twilight community room and off site, when necessary.

  • Cultural Services

Language Services are very important as encourage our youth members to learn a second language. As the Twilight Community Group has translators for all European languages, we have the expertise to teach our members the art of speaking the language of their choice. It is very important that migrant      communities Children from Europe and beyond learn their native language as without it they will not be able to communicate with their grandparents and it will be a lost generation in the years to come.

History, Arts and Culture

We wish to promote all Histories, Arts and Cultures and introduce these to the other communities in the cultural house.

This includes Irish History, Arts and Culture. Irish language classes will be available and is already getting support from the local Irish associations


The unique aspect of the Twilight Community Group’s International Cultural House is it based around the Host Nation Communities. This allows the Cultural house to offer services to the indigenous Irish        Communities and working in harmony it will assist our new Communities to integrate.  All nationalities working in unity allows for interaction as we develop new understanding and cooperation.

Our project has been a topic of discussion at conferences in Europe and the involvement of the host nation is acknowledged as a vital component.

We see the Kilkenny’s International Cultural House as a pilot project for Ireland and Europe.  We are in discussions nationally and internationally regarding this exciting new project.

Our Partners are now researching the possibility of opening Twilight International Cultural House in their Cities of Margny les Compiegne, Franc,e Malbork Poland , Sighisoara Romania and Tiznit            Morocco.

Increasing mutual understanding between host communities and immigrants.

The Twilight Intercultural House promotes the Mutual understanding and respect for all nationalities and community groups including the Host Communities. Our House is open to all, regardless of background, social standing, religion or personal beliefs. We will have an International Culture’s library where the History and cultural Writings are available to all as we encourage all communities to integrate and develop an understanding of each other’s beliefs and cultures. We believe the “Unknown” creates misunderstandings and leaves cultures open to xenophobic, social media postings and false statements driven by misunderstanding of other’s beliefs.  This leads to exclusion, fear, isolation and in the extreme cases violence. We will involve educational, cultural guest speakers to hold discussions centred on Communities, facilitating the discover of personal and community identity.

Combating racism and xenophobia.

The Twilight Community group is actively involved in combating racism and xenophobia. We held an International Conference on “The Stigmatisation of Migrants” in October 2018 7 2019. Attended by representatives from 15 nationalities, with Keynote Speakers from, Immigrant Council of Ireland, Direct Provision, FAI, GAA, Failte Isteach, Local Representatives and activists. Also speaking were Ambassadors from Poland and Morocco. We also held an online survey which highlighted the need for an International Cultural house to Combat racism and xenophobia. Executive member of the Green Party and recently elected TD, Mr Malcom Noonan, spoke on the rise of Xenophobia

By having all Nationalities including Irish and disadvantaged groups uniting under the one banner of International Cultural House will remove the labelling and strengthen community interaction. Protecting personal and communal identity, is integral to the ethos of the Twilight International Cultural House. Intercultural Activities will combat the racism and xenophobia that is now developing across Europe as right-wing reactionary politics become acceptable.  Twilight, through our International Cultural House, will promote an ethos, aimed at negating this detrimental stereotyping whilst  proactively promoting social inclusion and integration.  

Facilitating Language Learning:

Our Survey, during the International Conference on Stigmatisation of Migrants 2018, highlighted language as a major key challenge to integration and employment.   We will be providing English classes for beginners and advanced classes when required. Part of programme will include English language books and IT programmes from our extensive Cultural Library.

Empowering women

Twilight is actively promoting an Empowering Women programme, to maximise potential and capacities in areas of self-development and employment. This topic was discussed with Ireland’s Ambassador to Poland as she endeavours to highlight the positive contributions of women in all Societies. During this visit H.E Emer O’ Connell witnessed Twilight’s Charter of Friendship agreement with the Municipal District and Council of Malbork, Poland.

As we are involved in the Communities and the Migrant Communities of the Region. we wish to ensure the advancement in employment for Women of our Communities to Empower this sector of society to receive equality and maximise their potential by providing Education support through our Associate Consultant Daniela Kocis Fitzgerald Assoc.CIPD, BA(HONS) HRM Director, HR Dept Fingal.

All off the above will be available to all communities and genders. The empowering Women Programme will in turn be a template to help empower all members of our Communities to increase, employment, social Inclusion and effective integration. 

We will Develop our selected Participants in the following Areas of self-wellbeing and Personal development Increasing employability of immigrants and encouraging progression in the workplace

Our Programmes will include access to our secretarial services for CV writing, Interview Techniques, Public Speaking.

Promoting Integration:

Over the Past decade Ireland has experienced an influx of foreign Nationals to our country. This can have a very positive effect on our economy, society and Community Life. To maximise our new Neighbours, we must be an open and inclusive and encouraging. As these communities integrate, we must be respectful of their culture, language, traditions and beliefs.

Our on-Line survey showed 98% believed Sport was an excellent way to promote integration. The Twilight Community Group has developed, in conjunction with the FAI, an annual Integration Soccer Tournament. The FAI acknowledged Twilight’s input to this successful endeavour with a formal recommendation and endorsement of our work.

 Twilight is the lead organiser of the Polska Eire festival now in its 6th year. We promote this as a full integration Festival for all the Nationalities. It is noticeable that each year, the participation from socially excluded and vulnerable communities has increased.

We close the festival with an Intercultural Family day in conjunction with the Newpark Resident’s association Kilkenny, whom we assisted in their formative stage and continue to provide supports as they develop their senior Programmes. 

The International Cultural House will encourage the promotion individual National Festivals to cement our objective a welcoming, tolerant society.  This promotion of Cultural differences and similarities will be a visual and inter active way to encourage Integration and social inclusion.

Our survey highlighted the issue of public perception of ethnic communities as an obstacle to integration. This is the fear of the unknown. The survey highlighted the lack of knowledge regarding the difference between Migrant, Immigrant, Asylum Seeker further showed an alarming lack of understanding regarding Direct Provision Centres. By having an inclusive Intercultural House it will assist in dispelling these misconceptions and allow for better understanding. The Twilight International Cultural House will be a centre of excellence, promoting and assisting in education and social Inclusion. This interaction will allow the indigenous Irish population the opportunity to make informed decisions, based on a fact, free from xenophobic social media rants.


Training on Equality and Integration:

Utilising Consultants and other professions, we will hold a series of public seminars to facilitate Equqlity and Integration. Our Internationally recognised Protocols will be the template. The “Sector of Interests” in our protocols are:

  • Community Interests.
  • Exchange Programmes
  • Commerce
  • Arts & Cultural
  • Sport
  • Citizens Involvement Programmes
  • Youth Groups
  • General Advice Agencies (Locally and Nationally)
  • Funding Streams (Locally, Nationally and European)

We will provide a vetted Legal Panel of Solicitors to assist in all legal and citizenship activities. This Panel will give the first consultation free and representation thereafter will be agreed prior to engagement of services.

International Cultural House Services

We are determined to set up our International Cultural House with the following

I. 1nternational Cultural Library

2. Business support and Advice

3. Financial Advice both Personal & Business

4. Panel of Solicitors to provide Legal advice at a fair and agreed Costs

5. Intercultural Activities

6. Each Groups Own Cultural Actives to preserve cultures and traditions

7. Language Programmes both English and own to assist Children to speak to Family members in their own country ie gran parents

8. Development of International Activities through our European NetworksDevelopment of our sector of Interests in our Integration protocols

  • Development of an Intercultural House Board Of management
  • To create Positions to employ people on fulltime positions
  • Education programmes that the “New” Board feel is of advantage to our Overall Membership
  • To be an open, Inclusive Cultural House which will also accommodate Irish Groupings including Disadvantage and Minority Community Groups

The Twilight International Cultural House will provide the highest training standard available.

We have developed a ‘Business Award Programme’ for companies promoting Integration and quality employment for International and disadvantage communities. This award will be driven by the Employees and their recommendations will determine the award. Presentation of this new prestige Integration Business award will be made at our International Conference.

Providing information and support for immigrants/ Citizens regarding access to services.

The Twilight International Cultural House will serve as a HUB to assist Immigrants with the supports required to aid integration. This will include educational supports, language and financial advice plus tutorials on accessing assistance programmes available to ethnic communities.

 Business Support for entrepreneurs with new business ideas, CV’s, work opportunities and secretarial support.

The International Cultural House has an elected Board of Management, comprising of members of diverse ethnic communities.

Providing information and support for immigrants regarding immigration and citizenship. 

The aspiration of ethnic communities is to gain Irish Citizenship and we will aid this through our carefully chosen panel of solicitors, who will make available relevant supports and documentation required. We will also invite public services bodies and representatives to advise members with necessary information. During our International conference “Stigmatisation of Migrants”, the Immigrant council of Ireland address the gathering on the obstacles facing immigrant groups.  They will be a core ingredient in our ongoing projects in this regard.

Our Life Coach Mr Frank Cody will be available to provide group and personal support and guidance to all communities.

Promoting Integration in Schools

 Children are free from racial prejudices. Those from another country or continent are accepted as friend or playmate. Through interaction with the diverse communities we hold children activity days and we marvel at the easy acceptance and interaction.

During our Planned activities, we invite and encourage the participation of transition year students. Afterwards, we gather and collate their views and attitudes. This helps us formulate our integration policy.  Each School will be invited to attend our International Cultural House to experience, participate and to assist.  We view TYS as a vital cog in our social media Integration programmes.

Promoting Integration within the Youth sector:

The Twilight Community Group has a Youth & Sport activist, Emanuel Samuel, currently a student in WIT. He is the lead on the Twilight, Erasmus Plus Programmes. At present, he is developing pan European   programmes with, Cevos, Romania and Euro Bug. This ‘Community Action’  will  promote Integration through ‘ Connecting Cultures’

Promoting integration in the workplace.

Promoting integration in the workplace is a vital ingredient in making our society fully inclusive. This Integration will allow international groups to contribute fully to our economy and lead a full a successful personal and family life

The Twilight International Cultural House has developed an Award programme where the employees will recommend employers for this prestigious accolade. The award will be presented on a yearly basis at our International Conference.  All employers will be invited to free workshops to promote Integration in the work place.

Promoting the involvement of immigrants in sport,

In our recent on-line survey 98 % of the replies stated that integration through sport is an excellent way of involving all communities. Twilight’s work in this regard is endorsed and recommended by the Football Association of Ireland, Integration through soccer Programme.

We promote integration through sport in our festival programmes. The Polska Eire Festival is now encouraging all communities regardless of background and nationality to participate and this year it will become a national event. We are researching the possibility of a Futsal International Integration League under the banner and support of the FAI as part of our International Cultural House activity.

It is the aim of the Twilight Community group to assist and support all communities through our integration and social inclusion programmes by providing equal opportunities, regardless of nationality, beliefs or cultural background. This will provide access into community life with the opportunity to develop and become valuable members of an integrated society. Twilight, through our International Cultural House can project an image of Ireland as an open, inclusive and welcoming Country



                                                                              Mr Martin Brennan,


                                                                              Twilight Community Group

                                                                              Hebron House , Hebron Bus Centre