The Twilight Community group, A registered Charity, Once again received the support of the RTE TOY SHOW for their upcoming programme. The fund is administered by the Community Foundation of Ireland who continue to be great supporters of the groups work and activities and it is through this national institution that Twilight has qualified for funding to run such programme as their very popular Protecting and Assisting Senior Services (PASS)

This fund will assist the group in developing physical and mental wellness of Twilight members. It will support Creative play and the very important sector of Personal Development.

CFI & RTE support Twilight

The group caters for all ages and backgrounds. It serves the diverse communities that have made Kilkenny their home. It assists with the Ukraine refuge crisis and a major event planned for July 3rd 2022. Just under a year ago the group began to develop their Twilight Youth Inclusion Group. TYI will benefit form the kindness and support of the RTE TOY SHOW appeal award. Twilight hold a strong believe in our youth being the future. Today’s youth or tomorrow’s leaders. With the planned activities of fun and personal development projects Twilight will give their TYI members the foundations that will one day allow its members to take full advantage of the opportunities that will come their way.

That is why the Twilight Community Group are honoured that the RTE TOY SHOW appeal and the Community Foundation of Ireland believe in our Kilkenny Community group and International Cultural House programme. CEO/ Chair person Murty Brennan would like to thank the CFI & RTE and said “ If we had a bigger premises just imagine what we could do for Kilkenny” he also mentioned that 10 of the TYI members will head to Margny Les Compiegne July 16th with 10 from France and another 10 from Malbork Poland returning to Kilkenny July 23rd for seven days. This can only enhance Twilight and Kilkenny’s reputation abroad.

Twilight is an open and fully inclusive Group where all men , women boys and girls are welcome in all the diversity  

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