European Cultures Together 2023

United Colours of Twilight (Photos by Daragh McCann)

United Colours of Twilight

The Twilight Community Group’s Annual International Conference has now become the stand out European CERV fund Events in Ireland attracting Communities form across Ireland and Europe.

This year’s event was based on our Culture, Heritage, Arts and History and how they are all inextricable linked to who we are. When we travel the world and make a new country our home, we bring our culture with us as it is our identity. In doing this our culture will organically become immersed in the local traditions and culture. This will create a new and diverse culture showing the way forward for integration leading to a social inclusive society.

European Cultures Together 2023 took place over a 5-day period in Newpark Hotel Kilkenny City with over 18 different nations and communities displaying their cultures to the large public gallery with only standing room available in auditorium of this 5-star hotel. The event attracted ambassadors and diplomatic corps members to Ireland. Including HE Dr Lahcen Mahraoui, Ambassador form the Kingdom of Morocco to Ireland, Israeli Ambassador Giovanni Buttigieg and our regular visitor to Kilkenny Mrs Larisa Miculet, Ambassador of Moldova to Ireland. Her Excellency and Head of Consular affairs and advisor Mr Igor Moldavan had one of the most beautiful display of their traditional blouses of Moldova

The Community Groups of Ukraine, Slovenia, Romania, India, Lebanon, Poland and our Traveller Community displayed their cultures on the day for all to see. It is important that we take the time   Look, Listen and Learn from our new communities that are now making Kilkenny their home, while never neglecting our Irish Communities.

Dances and Music was the difference on the day, from normal Conferences. While we had guest speakers are an integral part of any conference to international Music and Dance between the speakers is a more community friendly way to present our Cultures Together.

Performers from Ukrainian Diaspora Kilkenny Group, provided Music, Song and some beautiful songs from Ukrainian Culture. Local Balladeer and multi-instrumentalist Mick Walsh provided the Irish Cultural Performance and in a very unique way our good Friends Federation of Indian Communities Ireland provided a display a colourful display of Indian Dance routine. Artist

The City of Rome and Italy was well represented with Angelo Ciocchetti of our Partners Lighthouse languages. While the incredible Sdandaorie Flag wavers were here to perform for the European Cultures Together forum, and be part of the St Patrick Day’s Festival with fantastic colorful displays through the city. As well a our four partners in ECT 1 many of the groups who attend ICE 3 made there way to Kilkenny at their own expense to be part of the St Patrick’s day festival after their unbelievable experiences from 2022 . Many of these delegates will return to Kilkenny in October 2023 for ECT 2

A major guest appearance was made by the St John’s Junior School (The lake School) with the Customs of the worlds display by the students for the official opening.

And so to European Cultures Together 2 . Yes, Twilight are doing it all over again in October 2023. The group are bringing the Culture of Cuisine to the Marble city to be part of the Savour Food Festival over the October Bank Holiday later in the year. It to will bring the unique flavours of a Global Kitchen letting the public taste the distinctive dishes form the region of our partners, in Europe, Asia, North Africa and beyond. If ECT 2 is to be as powerful as this ECT 1 ? What an end to October we will have with the United Colours of Twilight

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