Generation Game

Who remembers sitting in on a Saturday Night as the family gathered around the TV to watch Bruce Forsyth’s Generation Game? We watched as the different generations of the family played a game for small prizes on a TV that the Signal could slip in and out of grainy focus depending on the weather outside as we used the BBC aerial on the chimney. No high definition in those days!

How times have changed. Now as soon as a senior uses the immortal words of “In my Day……. That’s the signal for this generation to turn up the earphones in their iPad. The iPad they are entitled to have. Not earn, but entailed to have! As is their entitlement to have an iPhone 5 or 6 or what ever number is the top of the range. I am sorry to say ,we created a generation of ‘We are entitled “

We can all remember, not that long ago I may add, where if you wanted something you worked for it, did some household chores for pocket money, and got a summer job or went to work for the local famer picking the ‘spuds’ from the cold mucky fields. You then saved the few pounds shillings and pence, and then you went to the store and purchased what you had worked hard to get. And you really felt proud of your achievements and valued your new gift to yourself! In my case it as a 45 single from Sherwood’s on high street.

Unfortunately, that part of Family life has come and gone. How many young sons and daughters have a list of daily jobs to do with the reward of pocket money at the weekend.? Very few I would guess. Now when our little Jonnie and Mary want, the ask, they receive, why? Because they believe they are entitled to have everything that is top shelf products. “I’ll only wear Nike!” …. “My Friends Parents bought her an Apple iPhone”

Who’s to blame?   We are!  Why?  Over the last number of years, we have created a society where we have only winners and no losers. We now feel we can’t let Jonnie or Mary or a nonbinary feel left out. We must give a medal to all who competed. Therefore, finishing last is as good as those who worked hard to finish first, and we reward for their failure, but we have decided that’s ok. So the young person who finished last, is now been thought to believe even in failure I am entitled to reward. The competitor who finished first will in time realize, “Why am I pushing myself? I would be entitled to more if I finished behind Jonnie who was rewarded for his lack of effort” But I am entitled to the rewards that the winners get. This now has transcended into our daily lives.

I maybe wrong, and I am sure many who read this will disagree with this conclusion, but we have created a generation in our society who now believe they are entitled to. We are entitled to a house, we are entitled to schools, medical services, child care, and the list goes on, with out unfortunately working for to attain your lives dreams. Now in some cases the items listed above are required to be universal available. However, in some cases we have to educate our next generation you will get what you wish for with putting in the effort.

Our political parties can’t be ignored here either. They sell what they believe will get them into power regardless of the cost to the country. The create the impression of ‘You are  entitled to”  but forget to tell us how you as a country we are going to pay for it into the future, more than likely when they are out of government and back on the opposition benches, but nothing in life is free! There is no FREE entitlements. The have to be paid for in our Taxes. Some of the Political Parties are like the Late Late Show if it was been presented by Dana. There is ‘all kinds of everything for everyone in the audience’

We should reward effort rather than putting failure on the same step of the ladder to success. The last Generations worked for what they wanted. what they need, and what they strived for…. Success for their loved ones to benefit from. But I am so sad to have to say, this current generation is now been misled into to the believe you are entitled to what ever you wish for . And if you are not up to scratch or the required level … we will reward you for your lack of effort …… why because you are entitled to.

Imagine the Bruce’s Generation game and the Murphy Family win with the most points. Then Bruce announces “and for the Kelly family who didn’t get an answer right ! don’t worry  you are going to receive the same prizes as the Excellent Murphy family ,  because we don’t want you to feel as if you are different are not as good as the actually winners of the Generation Game”

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