Rebecca Tallon de Havilland has Coffee with Ania

In this programme Anis speaks with Rebecca Tallon de Havilland as she tells her wonderful story of her life and times to date . What a wonderful and powerful independent lady.

Rebecca Tallon de Havilland was one of the first transgender women in Ireland to receive a female passport. She overcame child abuse, prostitution, drug addiction and rape on her way to becoming the survivor she is today – including being grand marshal of the Dublin Pride section in St Patrick’s Day parade 2022. Rebecca opens up about being trans after growing up in 70s Ireland and being targeted by the press

This programme is also part of the Twilight Diversity Awareness Visibility Inclusion Devlopment Project

The objective of the DAVID programme is to promote visibility and awareness and to provide a safe inclusive space where members of the LGBTQIA+ communities are supported, treated equally, allowed to flourish and to live fulfilling lives, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity 056 7813105 #ireland #lgbtqplus #lgbtqsupport #transition #kilkenny #twilightcommunitygroup #coffeewithania

Ania speaks to Rebecca

Podcast Number 6

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