Twilight back with a BANG!

Twilight back with a BANG!

Twilight Youth Inclusion Group was back with a bang to start the new year on Saturday 14th January 2023. The youths have an exciting year ahead of them, with their schedule jam-packed with lots of fun activities and trips in the coming weeks. From bowling to Zumba classes and bingo, the fun never stops. Let’s not forget about our fun, interactive and educative workshops that we have planned for the year ahead with some fantastic people coming in to meet our youths and facilitate these workshops. We also have our Youth Exchange planned which takes place each summer as part of the Erasmus + Programme. Each week, our youths get the opportunity to meet friends, new and old, and learn about the different cultures and communities within the group. Coming to the club each Saturday after a long, stressful week in school allows our youth to relax, chill out, and, most importantly, have fun!

Last week our youth group enjoyed some fun games and activities planned by their two youth leaders Leah McDonnell and Liam Mungovan. They enjoyed some pool, team-building activities and ice breakers to welcome some of our newer members. We are always looking for new ways to improve our youth inclusion group and ensure that all our members feel safe and welcome in the space each week.

Ania Adamowska, a Zumba and Fitness Instructor in Kilkenny brought some great music and amazing dance moves to our Youth Group. She got our youths onto their feet, and they danced like no one was watching! They had fun with their friends, laughed, sang and built on the confidence that they didn’t know they had. She spoke about how important it is to move your body, stay active and most importantly to love yourself for who you are. Afterall, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, everyone can dance! She truly inspired our youth with her positive attitude, that they now want a dance class every week! This Zumba Class is one of the many activities in our activeness project, that is funded by the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal.

To make all of our exciting activities, trips and workshops possible, Twilight Youth Inclusion Group receives funding from Léargas, the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal and Erasmus + to name a few. We also organize fundraisers such as our successful Halloween and Christmas Raffle that were organized last year. Without the fabulous contributors and fundraising throughout the year, we would not be able to provide our youths with such great experiences and opportunities. Twilight Youth Inclusion Group Kilkenny as part of Twilight Community Groups provides a weekly youth group for young people in Kilkenny and the South East. This group operates free of charge for all our members.

We are currently expanding our space, with the development of a brand new fully equipped games room. In the coming months, we will also be expanding by putting in a state of the art ‘quiet room’, which will be used by our youths as a safe space they can use when they feel overwhelmed or just need a break!

Written by Leah McDonnell

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