Statement of the Board of Management

Mission Statement:

The Twilight Community Group will through its activities endeavour to promote social inclusion & integration and advancement of all members of our communities

The objective of the board of Management is to fulfil the Mission statement that all the members have agreed and signed up to.

  • The Twilight Community Group is a Non Profit Group.

  • The Groups Postal Address will be: Mr Martin Brennan, Twilight Group, Higginstown, Clara, Kilkenny, Ireland.

  • Upon any change of the Head Office address, all relevant bodies will notified within a 14 day period.
  • The Twilight Community Group has no Capital Stock.

  • The Twilight Community Group Accounting will be an Accrual based accounting records:

  • Revenue that is earned (may be before or after it is received)
  • Expenses when incurred (may be before or after payment). In general,
    it seems that the information provided through accrual based accounting
    is more useful to an organization than cash based accounting because it
    paints a broader financial picture. It allows an NGO to see not just
    its immediate payments and deposits, but also what kind of money they
    owe or may be receiving in the future. This allows an organization to be
    more aware of its financial status

  • All financial transactions are documented and recorded into financial journals by the bookkeeper
  • Transactions should be numbered and put in chronological order and thank you notes are essential for every donation received.
  • Thank you notes should be copied and added to the journals, as well as check stubs and deposit receipts.
  • The book keeper must be well organised in order to prevent the misuse of funds and ensure efficient spending for programs.

Fund Raising

  • Coming up with a Fundraising Plan, money required for The Twilight Community Group to operate primarily goes into their educational and social programs, the overall operation of The Twilight Community Group (administration, utilities), and projects (surveys, giving programs). Both the board of Management should be active participants in fundraising and it is important that writing grants, seeking contributions, and other fundraising skills are acquired skills early in the Twilight Groups development.