Polska Szkoła im. św. Jana Pawła II w Kilkenny

Polska Szkoła im. św. Jana Pawła II w Kilkenny is a wonderfully example of how to keep your heritage, history and your native mother tongue alive when you make another country your home.

They invite you to learn Polish, knowledge about Poland and history Polish at the Polish School in Kilkenny.They provide intimate conditions, textbooks, teaching aids and qualified staff and approach each student individually, taking into account their knowledge, skills and predispositions.

‘Holding Court “

Recently, the Intercontinental Recitation Competition “Word – Poland” was held.

The competition was intended for students of Polish and Polish schools abroad, and organized by the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland under the patronage of the First Lady of the Republic of Poland.

In the school, national and continental stages, the participants had the task of presenting works by selected authors: Cyprian Kamil Norwid, Krzysztof Kamil Baczński, Ignacy Krasicki and Maria Pawlikowska – Jasnorzewska.

The Polish St. John Paul II School in Kilkenny was represented by Martyna, a sixth-grade student, who recited Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński’s poem “Song of Happiness”.

Our talented student represents the school every year in recitation competitions, winning the highest laurels for us. Unfortunately, this time we did not manage to reach the very top, but we are very proud of her and thank her that once again she became an ambassador of our Polish school, this time on the international and even intercontinental arena.

Martyna received a commemorative diploma and a modest gift from the hands of the director Jolanta Górnicka. CONGRATULATIONS!

‘Balloon Crew”

The school and Principal Jolanta organize wonderful activities that all ages enjoy weekly. Last week’s activity was the getting to know ‘Old Polish fortune, superstitions and spells.’ And Andrezk’s Treasure and fortune

Hatred is an old-fashioned way of knowing an uncertain future. It was believed that there are days when the spirits of the ancestors return to earth and reveal the hidden mystery of the future.

Andrzejk’s fortune has survived until today and so far, they are enjoying its weak popularity, so they are a good opportunity to do a little for tradition and a little for fun, half a joke-half seriously, to get to know the Old Polish fortune, superstitions and spells.

This year marks 100 years since the birth of a man who “saw the future”, a visionary who predicted the existence of m. In. Internet, tablet, smarphons, 3D printer and pointed out, punctured the dangers of modern technology. Of course, it’s about the representative of the genre of science fiction – Stanisławie Lemie.

This is how our older students got acquainted with the project funded by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dublin:


Students for S’ creation. Lema was introduced into the fascinating world of technology, robots, space, they could run into the future and dream of it in a unique, bold way. The World of Robot Fairy, a material the students worked with taught in a logical, transparent and understandable way to explain language intricacies and to shake up ethical dilemmas regarding the use of technology.

Speaking to Mr. Martin Brennan, Hon Polish Consul based in Kilkenny, Congratulate the staff and the parents for all the work they do throughout the year, he also said the students also must receive some credit fort heir dedication to their Heritage, History and language and would like to see the school grow year on year with the help of local communities.” It is later in life when the Students will be delighted that they took this opportunity to remember their Polish ways and language”

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