The Twilight Community Group has a Charter of Friendship Agreement with Municipal Districts / Associations and NGOs. This agreement is a signed accord where both parties agree to work together on projects of interest to their communities.


  • Develop long term relationships between schools, clubs , associations
  • Promote tourism & chamber of commerce bodies to enhance the connection between both regions in terms of: art, culture, heritage, history, sport, as well as other activities that is of interest to both parties.

Twilight CG is proud to be a party to four Friendship Agreements

  1. Malbork Poland
  2. Margny les Compiegne France Accueil – Site officiel de la mairie de Margny-lès-Compiègne (
  3. AUM Romania
  4. Tiznit Morocco
  5. Beclean Romanian Beclean City Hall – Beclean City Hall Official Site (
  6. St Germain / Paris France Accueil | Mairie de Saint-Germain-lès-Corbeil (