Twilight Community Group CLG                                        Business Strategic Plan

  1. Introduction

1.1  Vision

The Twilight Community Group was established for the promotion, integration and social inclusion of communities, focusing on the needs of immigrants, ethnic minorities, disadvantage and disability groups, youth and senior citizens in Ireland. Incorporating our European connections, we do this by organising and providing support for education, exchange programmes, festivals, exhibitions, workshops, arts training, performances, and other cultural events. All these activities are available ‘Free of Charge’ or at minimum cost. Twilight Community Group is a not for profit Organisation

1.2  Mission

The Twilight Community Group will through its activities endeavour to promote Social Inclusion, Integration, Solidarity and the advancement of all Members of our Communities

  1. Core Objectives

As objects incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the Main Object, the Body shall have the following subsidiary objects promoting the values, reward and need for Volunteerism within our Programmes & Projects of:

  1. Community Interests.
    1. Exchange Programmes
    1. Commerce
    1. Arts & Cultural
    1. Tourism
    1. Sport
    1. Citizens Involvement Programmes
    1. Youth Groups

Operational Context

Implementation Strategy Towards the Establishment & Advancement of a Twilight Community Group.

The following implementation guidelines are recommended as a pathway to the development of in the Twilight Community Group CLG for the 26 Counties of Ireland. The Twilight community Group was set up in 2014 and due to the demand for its services in integration, inclusion and solidarity it has continued to grow year on year. Twilight received a charity license in March 2019. Twilight Community group is run by volunteers but due to its expansion and its continued growth a reevaluation of our employment approach now imperative we employ a full time Community Outreach Officer. The costs associated with this position and developing our services are inextricably linked to our core principals of Integration, Inclusion and Solidarity. Such cost is non-discretionary. The costs we will incur over the next three years are connected to our growth and organizational impacts in the communities we serve. A Community Outreach Officer will assist this growth nationwide. This Outreach connection will bring, our community group’s ambitions hopes, and aspirations, to becoming activity members in an Ireland that is open, fully integrated, social inclusive society for all Men, Women, Boys, and Girls in all their diversity We are cognizant of the fact that management, administration and financial controls of a larger organization would necessitate appointing suitably qualified personnel.   

  • Operational context
Scope     Operational activities during 2022-2025.
GovernanceTwilight Community Group CLG is an established Community development body, Head Office: 15A Hebron House, Hebron Business Centre, Kilkenny. R95DD22. The Twilight Community Group CLG is a registered Charity which has a Board of Trustees with the necessary skill sets to ensure the charity’s long-term success and viability. The ethos of Twilight Community Group’s constitution includes a strict code of conduct, policy procedures that all must adhere to, without exception. Twilight is currently in discussions with the landlord to lease more space to provide each community group in Kilkenny with Secure safe regulatory standard office space for their volunteers. This will bring all the Volunteers and their organisations under the one roof. By working together this will allow volunteerism to develop so it can become a steppingstone to employment. Twilight is at present in discussion at EU level, to formulate this ‘Cluster Unit’ for Community Groups and Volunteerism promoted by Karl Vanderpoorten ‘Creating the Future of Europe together’ The Twilight Community were invited by Mr Vanderpoorten to become members of the Bauhaus EU Development a better future for all
StaffingDue to the continued Growth experienced by the Twilight Community Group the Proposed head office and Intercultural Community House will be staffed by a CEO, Office Administrator & Treasurer all currently are volunteers To Develop this strategy, we have to move from the current Volunteer basis role to employing professional (s) who can assist in this development, The Volunteer model has served Twilight and the quality and loyalty of our volunteers could never be questions. The benefits of our Chairperson Mr Martin Brennan as Treasurer and Director of the Volunteer Centre has to be considered a major bonus in this area.  Mr Brennan’s knowledge on the development of Regional hubs will also be a major benefit as his experience form operating Retails and Financial out lets in the Ireland will now ensure that we get a cost benefit analysis and projections for the increase in activities and ‘Volunteer’ led regional and local offices  
Area Profile: Demographics, Population DensityThe provision of an Intercultural House as a hub for all communities including the indigenous Irish community will have a far-reaching positive impact on the development of integration and a socially inclusive society for men women boys and girls in all their diversity. These ‘Hubs’ / Hot desks We view this progressive concept as the catalyst for long term employment opportunities This in turn will assist in the implementation of the 3 Pillars of the Twilight Community Group, Inclusion, Integration and Solidarity Ireland is a diverse cultural community extremely with 19 different nationalities living in the city environs, towns and villages of Ireland. Using Kilkenny as an example from the research and feasibility study for our International Cultural House now serving the ‘New Communities’ and the indigenous population, form the Census 2011 records the population of County Kilkenny as 95,419, an increase of 7,861 over the population recorded in 2006.  This is a 9% population increase for the county over the period and compares well with the State which averaged an increase of 8%. Kilkenny City (environs and borough area combined) recorded a population of 24,423 in 2011 which is an increase 2,244 (10.1%) over the population recorded in 2006. (This growth is being replicated Nationwide) The breakdown of our National Population demographics shows UK 21% Old EU 9% Accession States 41% and Non-Eu 29% Our largest non-Irish Population is from Poland. Acknowledging the on- going work of our volunteers, the Polish Government opened a Polish Consulate in Kilkenny and appointed Twilight Chairperson Mr Martin Brennan as HON Consul to the Republic of Ireland. By Developing our ethos of ‘Communities are Stronger Together’ we propose to change from a full volunteering group and appoint 3 staff members. This will assist us in developing more volunteering opportunities throughout our Ireland. Allied to this it will encourage ethnic minorities to become active in volunteerism and use it as a gateway to full time employment. Our International cultural Centre will encourage Integration, social inclusion and solidarity and inter community interaction will lead to a vibrant ‘HUB’ for creativity and volunteering utilizing community, inter-generational cooperation. The Twilight community Group is ideally placed as it is involved and engaged with all the diverse community groups. Through the work of our Board of Trustees, Board of Management, and our sub Committees we are in the unique position that allows us target all demographics and advance the well – being of us of society as we promote interculturalism and acceptance in our diverse communities. Twilight has members who sit on the PPN Social inclusion Pillar, local Authority SPC 5 (Community) Seniors Forum and Age Alliance, Hospital Steering group. And Patient participation forum, Access for all Group Committee. These community positions allow constant feed back to the BOM regarding community requirements. The Intercultural House has been discussed and is currently been explored by the other organisations as a way forward for co-productions and collaborations  
Area StrengthsThere is a positive history of collaborative and cross-sectoral working in Ireland. Twilight Community group CLG has representatives on, and works collaboratively with local, national and international Interagency Groups. This unites a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including Community groups, Ethnic minorities and members of the Polish, Romanian, Croatian, Bengali, Indian, South Sudanese diaspora. We have a strong relationship with the LGBTQAI+, Traveller, and all the youth through our new formed Twilight Youth Inclusion Group The Twilight Community Group received the Public Participations Network and Volunteer Ireland’s Social Inclusion group of the year 2021 as recognition of its extensive ongoing endeavours for social inclusion. we believe ‘Communities are Stronger Together Our member groups are inextricably link to our nationwide network. We are engaged with the ‘New Communities’ Groups and our Communicating Eu programme supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs as we discussed the resettlement programme from all aspect of the topic. This included the Life experiences of their community assisting us to give a nationwide viewpoint. The Federation of Indian Communities of Ireland are building a nationwide understanding of their Cultures, and we addressed their national day gathering January 29th 2022. As we work to encourage Social Inclusion and Equality our long-term relationships with the Foreign Embassies in Ireland and close interaction with all the Ambassadors offers Twilight a unique pathway to all their Communities Nationwide. This affords us the opportunity to promote two of our main pillars of Inclusion and Integration offering Equality to all regardless of gender  We also have a close working relationship with the African community who represent all the African nations working, living and contributing to our economy. Twilight is engaged in integration through Sport with the cooperation of the FAI, Mental Health & Wellness programmes for young adults and Older members of our communities through Mental Health Ireland. Our seniors programme helps us develop the 4 goals of positive ageing.   
Area Challenges  There is a high dependency rate and hidden pockets of poverty and disadvantage.  The Role of SICAP in the new communities   March 2021 showed that only 6% of our New Communities gain fulltime employment and 5 out of these 6 individuals are employed in the lower pay scales, and quality of employment.Our Asylum seekers and refugees are at a high risk of social and economic disadvantage and experience multiple barriers to social Inclusion one of TCG main PillarsTherefore, many are left isolated / felling disconnected.We must address the five key factors to integration of employment, education, access to services social connection and political participation   The Clár programme targets areas that have experienced population decline as well as deficits in infrastructure and services in rural areas. As an Example ,The Central Statistics Office indicates that the south-east region is still one of the largest unemployment blackspots in Ireland, with unemployment prior to the recent Covid-19 pandemic standing at 7.3%.Lowest average income level And considered to be the leas educate of other areas of Ireland These figures are reflected across Ireland and when using the SICAP 2021 report the impact on our ‘New Communities’ is even more sever and we need to address this situation as the numbers of Refugees, Immigrant  and  Migrant communities coming to Ireland to increase in the coming years Decrease in funding for community and creative arts programmesEmigration of youth population for educational and employment opportunitiesLimited public transport options outside the citySeasonality characteristic of tourism (LECP page 55 SWOT Analysis)General rural decline and isolationLack of investment and continuing recessional residues are maintaining a high unemployment rate in this region especially amongst the youth which has a knock-on effect regarding poverty, social deprivation & other factors.  The Twilight Community Group ‘Community Outreach Programme is therefore even more crucial to maintaining skills bases for the unemployed to enable and empower local people to contribute to an activity traditional viewed as peripheral.Our volunteering / community activities Programmes are a steppingstone to Employment The multi-denominational and cross ethnic elements of the Ireland, both rural and urban make it an ideal place for volunteering allowing us to act as a vehicle to peace building and integration through projects undertaken. Increased resources to Communities in the regions will have a direct impact on the removal of racial, sectarian, and social discrimination by encouraging communities to unite in voluntary projects, beneficial to all.The Twilight Intercultural forum is a positive way forward, dismissing the old ‘Integration forums’, as the name excludes the inclusion of the indigenous communities  Mental health and suicide rates in some regions are higher than in other areas of the country and this is inextricably linked to the higher unemployment rates and social deprivation endemic in the region. (SICAP March 2021 Highlights the negative effect unemployment has on all members of the household mental and physical wellness Volunteering / ‘Hubs for Hot desks, Community outreach centres can enable people in desperate situations to discover meaning in life and help them take small steps to overcoming their problems and helping validate their daily existence.  The Twilight Community Group through its Intercultural activities based close connections and relationships of trust has developed a comprehensive mental health programmes in conjunction with Mental health Ireland ( We are currently piloting our Courageous Conversations Programme)    
  Key PrioritiesThe Twilight Community Intercultural House/ Hubs, will Increase access to all communities (Ex LGBTQAI+ through the DAVID Programme supported by the Department of Justice) by offering a wide-ranging support service to the public and to Community groups, organisations. (Mental Health Ireland celebrations)Increase the Quality of Diversity, Awareness, Visibility and inclusion within the groups of our membersIncrease awareness of Volunteering by Marketing and Promoting Volunteering. Ensure the Organisation is Sustainable through Good Governance and Management.


Statement of activities to be carried out during 2022-2025

Core Objective I – Increase Access to Support Service to the Public and Twilight Volunteers by Developing the International Cultural House Community & Information HUB
Outcome/ImpactPlanned Action/Activities/Outputs Performance Measures/Targets
Employ A Community Outreach Officer Part Time Community Out reach OfficerAdvertise Interview Offer Contract of employmentAgreed objectives that we be attainable and achievable Quarterly Reviews and reassessment / evaluation / renew objectives based on Performance to date
Improved quality and availability of services and supports offered, particularly to those experiencing poverty and social exclusion.Increase the number of community group ‘Safe Spaces’ for all promoting social inclusion The availability of services to for ‘ALL Communities’ using Erasmus + to promote inclusion activity  Increase numbers of ‘new’ participants Year 1 to Year 3 inclusive
Improved education and training programmes/support designed and delivered, particularly in the area of promoting equality.Increased Regional Work Shops annual to increase Awareness, Visibility & Inclusion. Introduce the number of regional support office/ Hot Desk Facilities Ratio to 3rd level institution Carry out an information session in at least 4 locations across the catchment area as well as the Cities, Towns with Third level InstitutionsYear 1 -year 3 inclusive Year 1 =4 Year 2 =4 Year 3 = 4 Year 1 – Year 3 inclusive and on a rotation basis thereafter
Increased organisation profile and awareness of available supports/service s.Utilizing our Video/Podcast output weekly to create awareness and followers / members / Print/ Radio Community Notice Boards to create awareness of Twilight’s et hos.This is a 3-year strategy with continuous development and maximise media exposure  
Increased overall levels of participation in Twilight Community Group’s Hub Network  Contact all the Indigenous community groups offering them their own personal space in the Volunteering & Community HubYear 1 and 2   Year 1 and 2 ______________________   Year1 & 2 (2022 2023) .   Year 2. (2023) plus             ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________- Year 1 Explore and develop      Year 2 Introduce 1 Year 3 Introduce 2
E-mail time-limited and once off opportunities such as Erasmus+ and CERV projects to all community groups Utilises our TYI groups that have been identified as ETE22 Participants EYE 22 Promotes civic participation among our under 30 year olds Appoint volunteer & community leaders from each Community Group Carry out a minimum of 5 information sessions across the catchment area in centres of high population and in areas showing high rates of isolation and non-integration  
In conjunction with strategic partners develop and implement 1 new initiative to encourage volunteering in local communities. Provide a positive programme of Mental health wellbeing for members and community Activists and leaders / Bulletin and Administration reference point in HUB
Increased the knowledge and skills of Involving Organisations Migrant, Immigrant, refugee in a concept of Volunteering in their Communities and International Intercultural House activitiesProvide advice and support by phone, using best practice guides, email, and meetings.Year 1 and 2 plus     Media PR   ____________________ No. of individual Community volunteers referred to the International Cultural House and Migrant, Immigrant and indigenous Communities  
Increase Awareness, Visibility of the Services we provide / Information services
Provide the service in a variety of ways – website, phone, and email. & Develop and expand the community interaction
Provide opportunities for staff to undertake equality and diversity training.
Carry out a minimum of 4 information sessions.  In the new Proposed Intercultural House Community HUBs which all communities and members may utilize FOC for individual programmes
Increased opportunities in underrepresented areas and for underrepresented groups. Group – over 55sEngage with the older people’s network across the Country Promote our proposed Coffee Dock and Social Activities for Senior Council members & Non membersEngaged with each County’s Kilkenny Older Peoples Council (we have a seat on Executive Committee and have secured 2 future seats for our ethnic minority groups 2022 which will be offered to our volunteer groups in the HubTo Encourage other volunteers/ Members to take seats on OPC country wide   Information distributed throughout the library network , Twilight Website , and community Groups Website and both organisations Face book ages with all media correspondence and articles supported by our media department [email protected]
Highlight a list of opportunities available to the Seniors and proactively develop an intercultural library. Strengthen a people’s network incorporating Twilight Community Group Seniors Forum The 4 Goals of Positive Ageing. Twilight’ Specifically designed Protecting Assisting Seniors Service Twilight Mental health & Wellbeing programme in conjunction with Mental health Ireland
Core Objective II – Increase the Quality of Services
Outcome/ImpactRecruit new organisations. / Migrant / Immigrant and the indigenous Irish CommunitiesYear 1 – Year 3 inclusive
Increase the capacity of HUB members to engage volunteers and enhance their services.Carry out 2 volunteer management related workshops.Year 1. (2022).Year 2. (2023)..
Carry out a Volunteer Leadership Training (VLT) course.
Increase/Maintain the number of Community organisations accessing supports and services. By expanding our Sub Committees for All Migrant Community GroupsRecruit new organisationGet new organisations registered as Twilight International Cultural House to provide office and community space100% of all new organisations attend a face-to-face meeting.    
Invite all newly registered organisations to an open discussion meeting. Increase Integration and Inclusion activities as a priority for Volunteers.
Direct engagement with active and registered Community Groups regardless of ethnic background to emphasise Twilight’s Inclusive ethos.
Contact all registered and previously active members whose interactions have waned in the past 3 months.
An up to date record of volunteers through our leaders and Sub Committees and information and volunteering opportunities. Our Migrant and Immigrant groups to be encouraged to volunteer as a gate way to employment   One email to all active and registered community group leaders to attend monthly or bimonthly update meetings for updated information  100% of active opportunities have been applied for within the stated time.100 % of volunteer and organisation records are up to date and accurate.   Opportunities reviewed    ______________________ Opportunities published on website and social
All new opportunities checked before being activated Twilight will Actively approach suitable organisation and individuals   to support our collaboration policy
Publish all opportunities / Projects on social media and circulate to registered volunteers at regular intervals
Core Objective III – Increase Awareness of Twilight Services by Marketing and Promoting 
Outcome/ImpactPlanned Action/Activities/OutputsPerformance Measures/Targets
Increased public awareness of Services and the activities of e International Cultural House & information HubEdit and update website content with information and news of the centre’s activities Distribute monthly updates and generate media coverage and publicity75% increase in inquiries.   75% increase In Facebook likes & hares on the relevant topic comments
Increased awareness among key stakeholder groups of the contribution the Twilight Cultural House and Information Hub makes to the community sector.Meet/ communicate with all local TD’s, annually.100% of local politicians are made aware of the activities of the Twilight Community International Cultural House & Volunteering Hub  Meet with 100% of local politicians.  Meet with 15 MEPS
Meet with local politicians and community activists, quarterly, for updates and feed form the body politic. Contact MEP nationwide as we promote the EYE 22 Programme of Civic Participation
Increased public awareness of national campaigns and events and the national network.    __________________ Increased staff knowledgeDevelop and participate in events to promote and support national programmes and events     _________________________________ Distribute information about the national / Courses (The Wheel) conference to organisations and encourage Twilight Volunteers to take up these free educational Programmes Organisations to put forward. Contact likeminded groups nationwide for further development of International Cultural Houses and Community Information Hubs Staff / Volunteers attendance at regional meetings. Staff / Volunteers contribute to online forums and knowledge sharing with peers  Public awareness of national campaigns and events increased     100% of staff actively engaged with the national and regional networking development
Core Objective IV –   Ensure the Organisation is Sustainable through Good Governance and Management
Outcome/impactPlanned Action/Activities/OutputsPerformance Measures/Targets _______________________
A high quality, professional service is available to all stakeholdersDevelop an implementation work plan and report of activities for Twilight Community Groups’ International Cultural House volunteering / Information HUBWork plan produced
 Attain further community and voluntary representation on the Board and familiarise them with the implementation procedures  Board of trustees established and work plan approved by board
 Source and secure funding when available & ApprovedChairperson / Team of Writers  
 Adopt required policies and procedures 
Deliver ‘Board training’ for Board members.All Board members to take the Course available through Leargas re Board and Trustees responsibilities   ­­­­­­­­­­­______________________ PR Presentations and Board of Directors to be aware and available for to participate in the PR programmes   Reporting system to monitor and maintain good practice       Secretary’s responsibility
Adopt promotional material and comply with agreed guidelines on logos and standardised practice.
Promote Twilight International Cultural House to Volunteers and the relevant Communities through media and networking events
Monitor and evaluate the work of the Twilight Community groups Intercultural Information HUB for Volunteers on an ongoing basis
Board meetings every quarter. All meetings documented.  
Effective and transparent governance within the organisation.Carry out staff / HUB volunteer support and supervision meetings and annual performance appraisal.Staff members attend regularly scheduled meetings. Appraisals scheduled for year 2 (2020).   Fully compliant with all legal and financial requirements.   Conflicts of interest declared100% Accounts independently audited & approvedCompliant with Governance Code to maintain year on year without exception   All requirements set out in contractual agreements with the National / Local Government Department / Eu Departments / organisations fulfilled. 
Ensure Twilight remains fully compliant with “The Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations”.
Board members declare any conflicts of interest.
Accounts independently audited & approved
 Analysis Board training in relation to governance, board responsibilities or specific roles.
Fulfil all requirements set out in contractual agreements with the department.