Twilight Group Meets Business Community in Malbork Poland

On a recent trip to Malbork Poland , The Twilight Groups Management team of Mr Murty Brennan & Louise Bourke had very successful and productive meetings with the Malbork Tourist Board, Hotel Owners and the Chamber of Commerce to discuss ways in which both cities can cooperate and develop connections to promote each Cities interest in these particular areas of the Twilight Group’s Network Protocols which include Tourism and Commerce. These Meetings were set up by the Mayor’s Cabinet in Malbork and in particular the work of Marta Malgorzata the assistant Mayor of Malbork

During this 5 day Visit great progress was made and new and exciting projects are now planned between the City of Malbork and the Twilight Group. The group also met with the Irish Ambassador to  Poland Mr Gerald Keown and both discussed other regions in Poland that can and will benefit from the Twilight Groups International Network Protocols.

Hotel Stary Malbork

During this visit European Consultant for the group Ania Adamowska acted as an Ambassador for the group and devote her time and expertise to ensure that the CBS Primary School Students received an excellent view of polish life in Malbork and acted as the groups translator for the duration of their stay as part of the “Connect the World Programme”

Mayors Office Malbork

Also so on this Meeting Both Murty And Louise visited the Malbork Swimming club and opened the door for negotiations for both Clubs t now cooperate which each other into th coming years for the benefit of both club’s members. A beautiful Plaque was accepted on behalf on the Kilkenny Club from the Malbork Swimming with a engraved letter of intent to join both clubs together as part of the Twilight Group’s  Sports Network Protocols in their Sector of Interest Programme

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