Polska Eire 2021 programme of events


All the filming is done, interviews are in the ‘can ‘and the local Polska Eire festival contributors and volunteers are ready to rock and roll.

Yes, this weekend we see the Polska Eire 2021 Kilkenny festival hit the airways. Due to the ongoing public health Guidelines this year’s festival will be a ‘virtual event’ broadcasting worldwide on the Twilight European Network (TEN) YouTube Channel. Going virtual may have presented some problems but it also opened many doors and gave Twilight and opportunity to add another branch to their Tree of life programme. The very progressive Charitable organisation based at their Hebron House intercultural headquarters have now invested in a Media Centre. This now gives access to all the community groups in Kilkenny many exciting opportunities to record and broadcast their own Pod Cast programmes to their Community members and around the world on the web. Twilight will give professional advice and guidance to all their users to ensure what is broadcasted will be of the Highest standards.

The Polska Eire Festival recorded its programmes in the new TEN studio 10 since it was decided to go online for this year’s event. This weekend will see the fruits of the labour.

A special programme on the excellent Polska Szkoła im. św. Jana Pawła II w Kilkenny. The students of all ages did their Teachers and Parents proud as the showed the world their wonderful local school culture and heritage classes that take place weekly under the guidance of Jolanta Górnicka. This will be on the TEN YouTube channel Saturday as part of the Polska Eire’s Children’s Day 17.00 GMT

Also, on the Saturday we will see the National Youth Council of Ireland sponsor a programme for youth and young adults 17.30 GMT. Earlier in the day we will see the FAI and their top professionals give coaching lessons that you can do in the comfort of your home call ‘Home Skills’. This programme will be introduced by the FAI Integration officer Mr Des Tomlinson who will be interviewed live in the Twilight European Network’s Studio 10 .

Our Supporters in the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission have a sponsored slot on Diversity 19-15 GMT Friday July 2nd followed by  ‘Let’s  talk climate’ NYCI programme with Twilight & Erasmus+ Connecting Cultures bring this segment to a close 20.30 GMT

‘Coffee with Ania’ will see local Polish Diaspora talk candidly about their experiences in Kilkenny and this 3-part programme will go out daily over the weekend.

Music has always a big part of the Polska Eire Festival. In 2016 we had the national launch in Kilkenny and the closing ceremony that year included the ‘Three Sisters’ from Carlow and all the way from Poland The Family Group Kapela Maliszow. This concert can be seen on Friday night, as part of the documentary of the 2016 National launch, with the programme starting 21.40 GMT. The High Kings will be performing right though the 3 days and great thank you goes out to the 4 balladeers for the continuing support and as Ambassadors of the Twilight Community Group never been found wanting when the group needs their support. Traditional Irish group Danu will close the programming on July 3rd with an incredible concert specially recorded for ST Patrick’s Day 2020 by kind permission of their management team and our good friends DANU and Alliance Artist Management 579 West 215th Street, #2B. New York, NY 10034. What a night of traditional Music is in store for our viewers.

The final night’s concert remains a secret. If you want to experience an incredible concert by a band that has sold out concerts in Europe, Scandinavia, the States and of course Ireland you must tune in 19.30 GMT All these world-famous groups are great supporters of the Twilight Community group, and we are proud and to have permission to rebroadcast their materials as without the support of others the Twilight Community Group would not be able to fulfil all their ambitious projects.

Remember’ Communities Are Stronger Together

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