Could You be Our Programme Presenter?

As Twilight Community Group continues to grow its market share and commitment to all our new Communities, traveller and indigenous population the Board of Management & Trustees have decide to take a big step and open the Twilight Media Centre.

This centre will host training courses for the Communities that Twilight interacts with. This will include their Social media Security programme, Diversity Training, Script and Column Writings and Videography , which takes our members from programme concept to  production and screening.

We are now seeking people from all communities to step forward and host our Video Podcasts. This gives you the opportunity to be the Presenter of one of our many planned podcasts covering.

  1. The Arts & Culture
  2. History & Heritage
  3. Language
  4. Sport
  5. Youth programmes
  6. Local news and Current Affairs
  7. Documentaries

And if anyone has a good idea for a programme / Podcast why not tell us and we can help you make your idea come to life on our new TWILIGHT EUROPEAN NETWORK (TEN)

If you are interested in joining our TEN Team of Presenters contact us today

We will have opportunities for members of all communities to work behind the scenes. We need.

  1. Engineers
  2. Editors
  3. Script writers
  4. Camera Operators

And remember full training will be provided for all who participate in our new adventure.

Contact us today.

Twilight Community Group

International Cultural House

15A Hebron Business Park




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