Bank Of Ireland


Two of KIlkenny’s leadiing members of the African Community Richard and Samuel Morgan at the Twilight Community Groups International Cultural House 15A Hebron House, Hebron Business Centre Kilkenny R95DD22.

The Twilight Community Group is one of the Leaders if the number 1 organisation in the Region that supports all Nationalities in a combined effort to integrate, and make society fully inclusive with equality for all.

Our actions are not just for the new communities and cultures that are making Kilkenny a multicultural and diverse population, but, for our our wonderful Traveller and indigenous population.

The collaboration with many organisations is a very important step to the aim of the Twilight Community Group’s 3 Pillars , Integration, Inclusion, Solidarty. One such proramme is the Begin Together programme funded by the Bank of Ireland

In this proramme Twilight’s collaberators are Kilkenny Recreational Sports partnership under the stewardship of Seamus Nugent and Mental Health Ireland lead by Gina Delaney. This can be view on

Both Richard and Samuel are an integral part of this programmes invilvement with the African Community Group #begintogether

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