About Twilight Business Consultancy Group.

Natioal Launch of the Polska Eire Festival 2016
Natioal Launch of the Polska Eire Festival 2016

We at Twilight Business Consultancy Group are engaged in trying to connect Communities through out Europe and around the Globe. We try to encourage Community and Business groups to come together for the benefit of all citizens in the respective Countries we are engaged with.

It is our view that the world is now a global village.

It is not so long ago that when a family member or friend moved a couple hundred kilometres from their home community or City it was like they had moved to the far side of the Globe. Contact with home was minimal. Sometimes just once a year during the festive season or worse still when there was a death in the family. Now with the invent of social media we are  contactable every minute of the day and night. The cost of over seas travel and by air is now more affordable for everyone.

Twilight Business Consultancy Group now have set up their “Connect the World“ Programme.

In this programme we look at all the different areas in which both the business and community groups can join together to work for the benefit of all our citizens. The Areas of interest we explore are the following.

  • Community Interests.
  • Exchange Programmes
  • Commerce
  • Arts & Cultural
  • Tourism
  • Sport
  • Citizens Involvement Programmes
  • Youth Groups

We endeavour to connect groups off similar interests and try to develop the connection between them so as they can grow and develop in to long term relationships and possibly open the door for industries to relocate or expand into the areas the Globe we are exploring .

Our aim is to improve the relationships, and also nurture the growth of economies by consulting with interested parties that may see your country as an area in wish they might also see the opportunities we have identified.

Acces For All Goldstar Project
“Acces For All”    Goldstar Project

We also have a Protocol programme for the official Twinning agreements that cities enter into. We view these Agreements as not just publicity but for the benefit of all the citizens of the cities in question. Our scoring system that has been researched and developed by our Senior Management team with our Protocol guidelines has now been adopted locally and Nationally.


Our Consultancy group is an expanding organisation and if you feel you can contribute to this expansion contact us and we can discuss your proposals for the areas of interest in your catchment area.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon,

Yours sincerely

Mr Martin Brennan,

General Manager.

Twilight Business Consultancy Group