Requests for Tender

Request for Quotes Tender Title / Reference Twilight Community Group Procedure                    OPEN

Issue Date       OPEN                     Closing Date / Time for December 31st 2022  receipt of Tenders  
Instructions for Return of             Completed tender documents to be submitted via Tenders:                                            email to

Submissions must be submitted in a SINGLE document, preferably in pdf format. 

Please note that the issuing of a contract relating to this request for tender is subject to awarding of funding.  

Purpose and Scope of Tender:

The purpose of the project is to implement a programme for the following activities and to show the capacity and experience to implement and fulfil duties that are required in the following areas.

Please give a detailed response to each section

Tender Document sections

Grant opportunities.

  1. Write the application,
  2. Submit on time

Forward Final report on completion of project

  1. Develop the writing (Team) & Skills for the Erasmus / CERV programmes / Local and National Calls for funding

Community Groups.

  • Organise and oversee the Management of our Communities Committee.
  • Oversee and develop the Community Management Committee
  • Ensuring That all the Community Groups deliver their Proposals / Projects
  • Develop New Solutions to meet the Community Groups needs

Volunteers / Transition / WIT Students

  •  WIT Students (Target Programmes / Projects to work on)
  •  Organise and oversee our relationship with WIT students and Programme
  •  Contact Schools Transition year students (Target Programmes / Projects to work on)
  • Assist the Front-Line volunteers


  1. Improve internal communication and recording of discussions (Minutes)
  2. Keep records for Board of Directors
  3. Develop with the Stake holders a Strategic Plan for 3 year / 5 Year.

Rationale for Project

The Twilight community Group works with all communities promoting integration, inclusion, and solidarity.  The rationale for this project is based on ensuring the group maximises its full potential and to keep records of all the grant applications. To develop and monitor our community groups, volunteers and students with our Community Group Structure and to report to Board of Directors if and when required

Project Structure

This is a one-year contract and either party can withdraw with one-month notice


Interested tender parties are asked to note that all agreed costs are supported by TCG

And required to base their activities in the TCG head office

Required Format for Submissions:

General Information

Tenders should include the following information:

  • Name and contact details of individual / organisation submitting the tender
    • Name and contact details of any third parties involved in the tender
    • Name of person dealing with the tender
    • Name of person(s) delivering each aspect of the project
    • Qualifications and experience of main contacts
    • Details of similar work undertaken
    • Capacity to deliver contract requirements
    • Methodologies proposed (as per previous section) 
    • Project details
    • Timeframe / timetable proposed and availability  

Please send completed proposals to Martin Brennan on or before by Saturday 31th January at 5pm. Completed proposals should be emailed to Fergus Horgan [email protected] 

Any queries, phone:  086 3255840

Finance and Governance:

Total project budget is €12000 – must include all expenses and VAT. ( Paid monthly on receipt of invoice by 27th of the Month )

This figure may increase or decrease depending on the success of our applications.

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